KW FLEX is always here for you. You came to the right company for quality service!

If you have any questions about our products or service you can reach us through our contact page or by phone at +31 6 16501686 or by sending us an email at [email protected].

The employees of KW FLEX also play badminton their selves. With over 20 years of badminton playing experience, our employees can assist you in selecting the best products to suite your needs. We are more than happy to use our knowledge to give the best advice and assistance you need.

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[email protected]
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Frequently asked questions

1. Lowest price guaranteed
1.1 What rules are there for the lowest price guarentee?

The lowest price guarantee is guaranteed on items that are regular range and sold as full size at competitors. If only a few sizes are available from competitors, we cannot replicate this on a one-to-one basis. Also, not valid with promotions. In some cases, shipping costs and the amount from which there is free shipping must be taken into account. If there are shipping costs, this must always be added to the amount.