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Zymax 66 Fire Power White
€149,95 RRP €79,95 *
Thruster Ryuga Metallic C - Frame
€199,00 RRP €169,00 *
Auraspeed 3200 C - Strung
€79,95 RRP €59,95 *
Thruster F HS - Frame
€219,00 RRP €154,95 *
Thunder Shox 1500 - Strung
€49,95 RRP €39,95 *
FZ Forza
Power Pro-S Strung
€208,95 RRP €168,95 *
Jetspeed S 800HT C Black
€79,00 RRP €64,95 *
Thruster K 66 Y - Frame
€99,00 RRP €89,95 *
Jetspeed T1Pro C - Frame
€148,95 RRP €119,95 *
Jetspeed S 20 K - Frame
€118,95 RRP €94,95 *
Thruster Ryuga JR J - Strung
€38,95 RRP €34,95 *
Nanoflare 800 PLAY 4U - Strung
€79,95 RRP €64,95 *
Nanoflare 800 GAME 4U - Strung
€134,95 RRP €109,95 *
Nanoflare 800 TOUR 4U - Frame
€189,95 RRP €149,95 *
Nanoflare 800 PRO 4U - Frame
€229,95 RRP €184,95 *
Auraspeed 90K II TD B - Frame
€139,95 RRP €114,95 *
Auraspeed 90F J - Frame
€179,95 RRP €144,95 *
Nanoflare 002 Clear - Strung
€79,95 RRP €69,95 *
Nanoflare 002 Feel - Strung
€69,95 RRP €59,95 *
Nanoflare 002 Ability - Strung
€64,95 RRP €59,95 *
Thruster TTY A White - Frame
€228,95 RRP €169,95 *
Jetspeed S 99 O - Frame
€118,95 RRP €99,95 *
Jetspeed S 800HT G Green
€79,95 RRP €64,95 *
DriveX 10 Metallic B - Frame
€229,00 RRP €183,95 *

Personal badminton racket advice

Are you looking for the very latest badminton racket from Yonex, Victor, Dunlop, Carlton or FZ Forza? Order your racket now safely and quickly at online badminton shop We have an extensive range of high quality badminton rackets at the lowest prices. This way you can always order the right racket! Are you unsure or don't you know where to start? Contact our badminton specialists via [email protected], Facebook or call / WhatsApp + 31-616501686 and get a personal racket advice!

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have divided the badminton racquets into main and sub categories. The main categories are classified according to the type of badminton player: children, beginners and advanced player.

Recreational badminton rackets

It is of course super difficult for a beginning badminton player to choose a racket that suits you well. Therefore, we have divided the badminton rackets for recreational players and beginners into 3 categories. As a starting badminton player or real recreational player it is wise to buy relatively basic rackets, because these players should mainly focus on improving their stroke technique, footwork, continuity and condition. With very innovative rackets with many different technologies, it is sometimes more difficult to master the basics. This is counterproductive. Moreover, these rackets are often much more expensive, and you have to be much more careful with them, because the materials used are more fragile. 

Of course, there is also a middle ground in terms of special badminton rackets, with which a more experienced recreational player can make progress. These rackets are made of carbon, which makes them lighter and. Below, you can read more!

Children and starting badminton players

The robust steel & aluminum badminton rackets are especially suitable for younger children and the real starting badminton players. If you are not sure yet if you want to continue playing badminton and don't want to spend too much money in the beginning, you will end up in this class. Our expert recommends these rackets only for really young children, because they still need to develop their skills. Therefore, it can happen that a racket is smashed against the ground or that the rackets are used less sparingly. We advise older starting badminton players to choose at least a carbon shaft racket (more information can be found below).

These basic badminton racquets are also ideal if you want a racket to play outdoors, because they are affordable, robust, and it is less of a problem if they get damaged. That chance is generally greater outside than inside in the gymnasium.

Key features:

  • Up to about 20 euros
  • Robust materials
  • Young children

Older children and beginners

The second step within the recreational target group is a racquet that is made of both Aluminum & carbon. In general, the racket blade is made of aluminum and the shaft is made of basic carbon. By basic carbon, we mean the simplest carbon type available. In recent years many different types of carbon have been developed and combined with other materials to make stronger, more flexible or even stiffer materials. But these types are incorporated into the more expensive rackets. 

These rackets are suitable for children who have learned the basic principles of badminton or older children who are just starting or adults who are just starting. The major advantages of this type of racket are the higher quality materials. Carbon absorbs much more vibration than steel or aluminum, so you have less chance of injury. You will also be able to hit the shuttle with more precision. The last big advantage of carbon is its flexibility, which usually allows you to hit the shuttle further more easily. So it takes you much less strength and effort to hit the shuttle further back in the court, saving you energy. 

Because of all the above benefits, these badminton racquets are longer to use if you are just starting to play badminton. To take the next step in learning the right technique and playing style, you do not have to buy a new racket right away. Partly because of the interesting price of approximately 30 Euros, it is more than worth it to invest a little more money in your first racket. You are definitely not going to regret this!

Key features:

  • Up to approx. 30 euros
  • Less vibration
  • More flexible
  • Longer usable

Older children and starting adults 

The final category within the starting badminton rackets are the all-carbon/graphite variants. These rackets are suitable for the players who have a good technique and know what their strengths and weaknesses are. By choosing the right racket which matches your style of play, level and physical characteristics, you will be able to improve your game even more. Depending on your budget and wishes, you can invest more in your racket. Of course, quality, budget and special features go hand in hand. 

One of the main advantages of a full carbon badminton racket is the shock absorption, which means even less vibrations affect your arm and shoulder. This results in even more accuracy and less chance of injuries. In addition, a carbon racket is also more flexible, which allows you to develop more power in your strokes. This allows you to push your opponent deep into the backfield and make the mistakes. 

This is ideal for children and adults who already have the necessary experience and technique to play badminton. Be sure to get proper information from our expert if you have any doubts and want more advice!

Key features:

  • Between 40 and 100 euros
  • Improved shock absorption
  • Suitable for a long time

Experienced kids and advanced recreationalists

For a full explanation of these categories, read the blog: Which badminton racket is suitable for me as a recreational player? 

Buy advanced rackets

Also, for the advanced or professional badminton players, it is sometimes difficult to choose exactly the right racket. Which racket suits me?

If you are going to buy new badminton rackets, please pay attention to some important components and select your needs in the category: ADVANCED badminton rackets. First, pay attention to the flexibility and balance in the racket.

Badminton racket based on flexibility

The flexibility is divided between rigid, medium flex and flexible (Rigid ○○●○ Flexible). Do you have enough power and technique and want more control? Then you should choose a medium flex / stiff badminton racket. (The stiffer the racket, the quicker it will punish mistakes and the more power you have to draw from your technique and arm, but the advantage is more accuracy and control). If you do not have that much strength, you should buy a more flexible racket. This will support you in developing speed in your strokes. This will allow you to hit deeper into the backfield and dominate your opponent. 

Badminton racket based on balance

The balance is mainly determined by your playing style and is divided between head heavy, balanced and grip heavy (head heavy ○●○○○ headlight). If you are a defensive badminton player, you will have to defend smashes more often and play short games at the net. Then head light badminton rackets are an ideal addition to your playing style. Are you an offensive player and do you prefer to constantly attack your opponent, and they can only defend? Then a head heavy racket is ideal to support your offensive game even more. Of course, you can also choose the middle ground and then buying a balanced badminton racket is the perfect choice.

Badminton racket based on badminton brand

In addition, you can also select a brand by badminton and thus view and order the very latest collections from Yonex, Victor, Dunlop, Carlton and FZ Forza. We have divided these categories into the different series within the brands.

KW FLEX sells the series of Victor brand: Auraspeed, Brave Sword, DriveX, Hypernano, Light Fighter, Jetspeed, Thruster, Wave Power.

Within the Dunlop brand you can choose between the Graviton and Nanoblade series.

Carlton uses the Fireblade, Kinesis and Vapour Trail series.

Yonex naturally has an extensive range of badminton rackets, and we sell Astrox, Arcsaber, Duora, Nanoflare and Nanoray series.


The third option to pick your ideal badminton racquets is to select the desired weight class. Do you choose a U6 racket (70-75 grams excluding strings) or a 3U badminton racket (85-90 grams excluding strings). Depending on your playing style, you can make the right selection here.

If you play a lot on the net, you play a lot, you are sensitive to injury, or you just want to be very agile, then a lighter badminton racket is recommended. Less weight = more maneuverability.

If you are an attacking player, you are in the back field a lot, and you are not susceptible to injury, it is better to select a slightly heavier racket. More weight = more power. Determined well which playing style you mainly use and what you need help with during the game. The racket is and remains an extension of you as a badminton player.


Of course, you can select your new badminton racquets at KW FLEX online badminton store within your desired budget. So if you are looking for a cheap badminton racket or a more expensive and better quality badminton racket, you can easily set the filter to your liking.

Our badminton expert will be happy to help you!

If you can not come to a choice, we will gladly help you further! Call / WhatsApp + 31-616501686, mail or send a message via Facebook!