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KW FLEX supplies various types of clothing from JAKO sports for men and women. We supply teamwear, pants and shirts of very high quality for a competitive price. JAKO clothes are moisture regulating, washable and available in many colors and color schemes.

JAKO sportswear

JAKO is a leading sports brand for clubs, teams and individuals. This German sportswear brand is supplier of many clubs and teams around the world. From amateur teams to Champions League soccer teams, JAKO is for everyone. JAKO focuses on the wishes and needs of athletes and sports teams, during the development of new products. The quality is high at all times, so you can be sure that your sports outfit will last for a long time.

Availability JAKO clothing

KW FLEX does not have all JAKO clothes in stock, and therefore we have a limited selection online. It is always possible to order clothing from us that is not listed in our webshop, which we offer at competitive prices. JAKO has a large selection of clothing available from stock.

Curious about the JAKO product range? Check out the different team lines here:

  1. Performance Teamline
    Available until 2025

  2. Challenge Teamline
    Available until 2024

  3. Champ 2.0 Teamline
    Available until 2023

  4. Striker 2.0 Teamline
    Available until 2022

  5. Classico Teamline
    Available until 2025

  6. Premium Teamline
    Available until 2023

  7. Base Teamline
    Available until 2025

You can also browse the JAKO catalog in our store or download it here!

JAKO teamwear

Of course, we also supply teamwear that is available for several years, so you do not have to switch to another model quickly. JAKO guarantees the delivery of various clothing lines for at least 3 to 4 years. This is very convenient if you as a club or competition team want to have the same clothing collection for a longer period. 

Printing of clothing

Of course, we can personalize the clothing with logos, sponsor names, club names, players names, etc. There are a number of standard options included in the checkout process in our webshop, for other options please contact us email, phone / WhatsApp (+ 31-616501686), contact form or via Facebook! Our team will be happy to help you!

Other teamwear 

At KW FLEX, it is also possible to buy sportswear of the ERIMA brand. These clothing lines are available for up to 4 years. Victor has a clothing line that changes every 2 years. Curious about the possibilities? Ask us email, phone / WhatsApp (+ 31-616501686), contact form or via Facebook.

Favorite sportswear brand

Every athlete has a favorite sportswear brand, which he/she likes to wear during his/her workout, training or competition. That is why, at KW FLEX, you can now choose from JAKO's wide range. It is suitable for every sport, so you can always succeed and pick a new outfit. It is perfect for sports such as badminton, tennis, squash, padel and many other sports.