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Did you just start playing tennis, and do you want to carry your tennis racket in a convenient and safe way? KW FLEX has some great options for you! As a beginning tennis player, you usually don't need to bring a lot of tennis rackets with you. Nevertheless, you want to transport your racket neatly and without too much risk of damage. In that case, you should choose a 1 compartment tennis bag. You can put your tennis racket in this bag and also a small water bottle or towel. This type of racket bag always has handles, and some models also have a carrying strap attached.

If you only carry rackets in the large compartment, you can store in total:

  • approx. 4 badminton rackets with sleeve OR
  • approx. 3 tennis rackets OR
  • approx. 3 tennis rackets OR
  • approx. 3 padel rackets

Need a bigger tennis bag?

Do you think you will need a bigger tennis bag, because you want to take a shower after playing tennis? Then we recommend the 2 compartments tennis bag, because the space in the 1 compartment tennis bag is too limited. The 2 compartments tennis bag has two large compartments and here you can easily take your shower gear or an extra set of clothes. Often the larger bags also have a separate shoe compartment where you can put your tennis shoes.

Suitable for all racket sports!

This nice racket bag is suitable for all racket sports and super practical. Store your badminton rackets, tennis rackets, squash rackets or padel rackets in this bag and take them easily to your trainings or matches.

Two interesting racket bag brands

The 1 compartment tennis bag is available in the brands Dunlop, Victor and Yonex. There are 4 different types of Victor tennis bags/racket covers, and they have a luxurious look because of the red, black and white color. The Yonex tennis bag is available in three different colors, and these colors are listed below:

  • Deep blue
  • Red
  • Black

Check out the other bags

Also be sure to take a look at our other tennis bags. There is plenty to choose from. Make sure you find the best tennis bag that suits you. Which one is it going to be for you? We would love to hear from you,

The best service!

Order your 1 compartment tennis bag now online at KW FLEX tennis specialist, or visit us in our tennis store in Rijen! Did you order your tennis bag today before 12:00 noon? Then the bag will be sent the same day.