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FZ Forza Ladies badminton shoes

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FZ Forza
Brace V2 W 2055 Limoges
€109,95 RRP €79,95 *
FZ Forza
Vibe W 1002 White
€129,95 RRP €98,95 *
FZ Forza
Leander V3 W White
€79,95 RRP €68,95 *
FZ Forza
Trust W 1002 White
€129,95 RRP €109,00 *
FZ Forza
Taila W 2085 Dresden Blue
€89,95 RRP €79,95 *

Buy FZ Forza badminton shoes

Are you looking for new FZ FORZA woman's badminton shoes? At the KW FLEX Badminton online store, you can buy all sports shoes for woman who buy badminton. Since July 2020 we have also become an official dealer of FZ Forza. This Danish badminton brand makes high-quality badminton shoes with a beautiful design in different price ranges.

The importance of the badminton shoe

Still not every man or boy sees the importance of good fitting badminton shoes, but is really one of the most important parts of your badminton equipment. Ladies badminton shoes must of course be sturdy at certain points, light, flexible and certainly resilient and have cushioning. Nowadays, you can buy a badminton shoe for ladies in all colors and combination, so there is always a good fitting model for you.

How do you choose the right ladies's badminton shoe?

Buy your FZ Forza ladies's badminton shoes online? You can always find the right badminton shoe at the KW FLEX Badminton online store. Not sure about the size or model? Contact our badminton specialists for detailed advice or visit our badminton shop in Rijen! Want to properly determine which shoe size is best for you? Print out this shoe chart to measure your feet and be sure to order the right badminton shoes.

More from FZ Forza

In addition to choosing the women's badminton shoes, we also have men's badminton shoes and badminton shoes for children. For example, choose the cutest badminton shoes for the whole family. In addition, you also want the right sport socks when you play badminton. Do you need a little more cushion in your shoes? Then Bama insoles are really something for you. Take a look at the whole assortment of badminton shoes.

Our staff helps you further

So are you looking for woman's badminton shoes with extra stability? Or are you looking for shoes that provide more cushioning? You can find everything at KW FLEX Badminton specialist store. When in doubt, call us / send a whatsapp message to: +31 616501686, email your questions to [email protected] or send a message via Facebook.

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