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Why purchase a badminton backpack?

The badminton backpack is a good option if you don't find a larger badminton bag practical or beautiful. The badminton backpack is very convenient and easy to carry on your back. The badminton backpack comes in several beautiful designs and can also be used for other activities. In the badminton backpacks, there is a separate compartment for your badminton racket, so the shaft of your racket sticks out at the top of the backpack. In addition, there are separate compartments, just like in a normal backpack, to store clothing, water bottles, accessories and keys.

Badminton backpacks from Yonex, Victor & Dunlop

KW Flex sells badminton backpacks from three brands: Yonex, Victor and Dunlop. Dunlop and Yonex sell some badminton backpacks, and the Victor brand has a somewhat larger selection.

Victor badminton backpacks

The Victor brand has some useful badminton backpacks. We have listed them for you:

  • Victor Backpack 8809D in a red/black color, the bag has 1 large compartment and 1 shoe compartment at the bottom.
  • Victor Backpack 9101 Black, the multifunctional backpack has a large racket compartment, separate shoe compartment and a compartment for your water bottle.
  • Victor Backpack BR3020 G is almost the same as the Victor Backpack 9101 Black. Both have a large racket compartment, shoe compartment and an additional small compartment. Also, the carrying straps are padded and offer high comfort. This backpack has a new closure, which makes the backpack even easier to fill.
  • The Victor Backpack BR6011 is an extremely light backpack in a rectangular shape. It fits all kinds of things: clothes, shuttles, laptops and even books. The bag is divided into a large main compartment, two narrow front compartments and open side compartments.
  • The Victor Backpack BR3022 D Red is again similar to the Victor Backpack 9101 Black and the Victor Backpack BR3020 G.
  • The Victor Backpack BR 3030 is available in a white and blue color. And has a large racket compartment, shoe compartment and a compartment for your water bottle.
  • The Victor Backpack BR7007 C is a premium backpack and offers space for your entire sports equipment. The front has a handy pocket for keys, your phone or wallet.
  • The Victor BR 3009 HC Backpack is designed just a bit more compact and comes with a black/grey army print.
  • The Victor BR 003 JR OD Backpack has 1 main compartment that is separated into two smaller compartments. The bag has soft shoulder straps and comes in a fun red and blue color.
  • The final badminton backpack is the Victor BR 6007 backpack. It is an extremely light backpack in rectangular shape divided into a large main compartment, two narrow front pockets and open side pockets. This backpack comes in a Yellow/Black color and in a Blue/Black color.

Yonex badminton backpacks

From the brand Yonex we sell three fine backpacks, namely:

  • The Yonex Active Backpack 8922 has enough storage space and is made with comfortable carrying straps for on the go. The backpack comes in a nice black color with yellow details.
  • The Yonex Pro Backpack 92019 M has a black and blue design. The bag is a combination between a backpack and horizontal racket bag. Useful if you were unsure between these two options!
  • And the Yonex Pro Backpack BA92012 M has a camouflage pattern on the front with a yellow Yonex logo. This bag is very popular with youth players who still don't need to bring a lot of gear to practice or matches.

Dunlop badminton backpacks

The Dunlop AC Match backpack 2001 is the only Dunlop badminton backpack with a stylish black and yellow combination. The bag has a large racket pocket and another small pocket.

Types of badminton bags

If you have specific requirements for your bag and the backpack doesn't fit them, check out the other size badminton bags. Maybe you want to carry more or less stuff, like clothes or badminton rackets? Then you can also check out the 2 compartment bag or 3 compartment bags. Of course, you can also order the biggest badminton travel bags, ideal to transport a lot of stuff when you play a long tournament. Make sure you find the best badminton bag that suits you. Which one will it be for you? We would love to hear from you!

Can you use a useful badminton backpack?

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