Tennis Grips

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FZ Forza
Pro Super Grip Reel White
€44,95 RRP €39,95 *
AC223ex Tennis Core Grip Black
€8,95 *
AC126 Tennis Super Tour Grip Black
€8,95 *
Dry Grap AC 140 Red 3-pack
€9,95 RRP €8,50 *
Super Grap Pure ac108ex
€3,00 *
AC139EX Twin Wave Grap Red
€5,95 *
AC139EX Twin Wave Grap White
€5,95 *
AC224 ex Tennis comfort grip Black
€9,95 *

Why a tennis grip?

The part where you hold the racket to is the tennis racket grip. A good tennis racket grip is very important while playing tennis. A tennis grip provides more grip while playing. In addition, a tennis grip can prevent injuries. It is also smart to see what type of tennis grip suits you. For more information, please contact us for tailor-made advice.

Types of tennis grips

There are 2 types of tennis grips. This way you have the basic grip that is on most tennis rackets. It is the standard frame that surrounds the tennis rackets. A basic grip tennis racket provides more grip and cushioning while playing tennis. When you often play tennis, you often see wear and tear in the basic tennis grip. In that case you have to replace the basic tennis grip. Another type of tennis grip are the overgrip tennis rackets. These overgrips are especially recommended if you often replace your overgrip. This can cost quite a lot. It is important to mention that an overgrip on your tennis racket cannot replace the basic grip.

What is the right grip size for your tennis racket?

A tennis racket with the right grip size is important to continue playing tennis comfortably. With the right grip size, a tennis racket lies well in the hand and you can easily keep hitting balls. Therefore, take a good look at what your correct grip size is for your tennis racket. Do you have questions about your grip size? Please contact us or visit the store at Heistraat 13A in Rijen.

For all your tennis essentials

In addition to the right tennis grips, we have a wide range of tennis items. This way you are well prepared for all tennis matches. This is on a professional level but also in tennis matches against friends. In our range we have everything for both the novice tennis player and the professionals. This is how we ensure that you can go to KW Flex for all your tennis supplies. Order all your tennis equipment online now at KW Flex.