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Are you looking for new badminton clothes? In the KW FLEX online badminton shop you can find all the sports clothing you need to get on the badminton court like new. KW FLEX Racket specialist shop offers a wide range of badminton clothing for everyone who likes to do sports.

KW FLEX has an extensive badminton clothing range, where there is something fun and suitable for everyone. In our online badminton shop you can order badminton clothes, from the largest badminton brands in the world. Our sportswear collection consists of the brands VICTOR, FZ Forza, Yonex, Erima and JAKO. Badminton clothing suppliers who only deliver absolute top quality!

Are you looking for sportswear that feels very light and is ideal for good sweat absorption? Then you can buy a lot of beautiful polos or t-shirts in our badminton webshop.

Clothes made of 100% Polyester will not shrink in the washing machine and dry very quickly. This way you can quickly put on your favorite badminton polo or lucky t-shirt again during your badminton training or matches. Of course, the latest technologies and techniques are incorporated in this badminton clothing, so that you feel ultra comfortable in your sports clothing.
The badminton shorts, t-shirts, polos, sweaters, skirts, socks and tracksuits are available in many different colors and sizes. So are you looking for a bright pink ladies badminton shirt or a nice black skirt? In our badminton shop you can always find a super cool and matching piece of clothing.

Did you know that at KW FLEX you have a wide choice in badminton polos, badminton skirts / shorts or tracksuits? You will find our wide range of badminton clothing. In our badminton shop you will always find the latest collections of VICTOR, FZ Forza, Yonex, Erima and JAKO!

There are many choices in terms of quality and materials used in badminton sportswear. Do you want a garment of 100% polyester or do you also need some stretch materials? And should it be a dry-fit shirt? For both applies that they are wonderfully comfortable and do not hinder during the badminton. 100% polyester will not shrink during washing and dry-fit absorbs the sweat extra quickly, so you can stay comfortable and dry.

For the men we have various men's badminton shorts, men's badminton t-shirts, men's badminton polo, badminton socks, training pants and training jackets.

We can of course also provide the badminton ladies with a new outfit. In our collection we have of course badminton skirts and shorts, ladies badminton t-shirts, ladies badminton polo, training pants / training jackets and socks.

Of course we have not forgotten the badminton children and we also have a very diverse range for them to choose from. Various t-shirts, polos, socks, children's training pants, training jackets, shorts and skirts are available in the smaller sizes.

Looking for clothing in our badminton shop?

In our online badminton shop you can easily and quickly make a number of choices, which makes making a choice less difficult. In the large clothing range of KW FLEX you can always find suitable clothing that is in good condition!

The first step is to determine in which clothing category you would like to search. Do you want to buy badminton clothes for women, men or children? We then made a subdivision into: Badminton polos, t-shirts from sweaters - Badminton skirts from shorts - Badminton socks - Badminton tracksuits

Select the correct size in the respective clothing category (36 to 54 or 128 to XXXL) and then choose the colors that you like best. This can of course be multiple colors.
Do you also have a preference in terms of brand? No problem, you can also select on that.
As a last option, you can also select by price, so that you only see the options that are within your budget.

Is the article not in stock according to the website? Send a message via email, telephone / whatsapp (+ 31-616501686) or via Facebook. Then we quickly check whether the article is still available and when it will be delivered.

Badminton Club sportswear?

If your association is ready for new club clothing, KW FLEX Badminton specialist store can of course provide you with that. The real badminton brands Yonex, Victor and FZ Forza can supply certain badminton clothing series 1 to 2 years up to a maximum of 3 years. This is just too short for most associations and therefore more suitable for badminton competition teams who like to be on the court as a unit.

Erima and JAKO can supply sportswear that is available for at least 4 years and is therefore longer available for the badminton association. Note: We can deliver much more than is stated in our webshop, so ask for a Jako or Erima catelogus. Our service is rated as very high by our customers (see Facebook and Google reviews) and many badminton associations have already preceded your club and have ordered a new club kit from KW FLEX. Ask for the possibilities, so that we can make an appropriate offer.

So do you have any questions or are you interested in the clothing? Contact our badminton clothing specialists: call us / send a whatsapp message to: +31 616501686, email your questions to [email protected] or send a message via Facebook.