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A good padel ball has a lot of influence on the game. Padel balls look similar to tennis balls, but are very different. A padel ball does not bounce as high and has a slower speed than a tennis ball, this is due to the lower pressure in the ball.

But make no mistake, a good ball will make the game explosive, and you will train your strength and endurance. 

Different types of padel balls

Of course, there is a different padel ball available for each type of player and/or level. If you have an intermediate to advanced level, you can play well with the fast padel balls. These have a higher pressure and shorter felt, so they bounce harder and can be hit faster with your padel racket

For the beginning padel players, it is wise to use padel balls that are a bit slower. Due to the lower pressure and slightly longer felt, the speed is reduced, and it is slightly easier to return the ball. Of course, these balls are also suitable for experienced players. You should choose the type of ball that suits your style of play.

Pay attention to the padel weather conditions

A faster ball is recommended when there is high humidity, which makes the ball slower. The opposite is also true, in very dry areas it is better to use a slower ball, because a fast ball becomes too fast.

In very warm temperatures, we recommend a slower ball, because the heat makes the ball accelerate. With cold is the opposite of applications, because then the ball actually slows down. In that case we recommend a faster ball.

How long do you play with padel balls?

All padel balls have a varying lifespan. This depends on the quality of the balls, whether they are well packed, the court, the environment and the type of player. On average, a padel ball will last about 4 to 5 games, this is between 6 and 10 hours. This applies to a recreational player who plays ca 2x a week. So, an exact answer to the question: How often can you use a padel ball? is not available. Together with the other players, keep an eye on the bounce of the ball and replace the ball in time. 

Why are padel balls in a can?

A padel ball is filled with a gas, which creates 'pressure' in the ball. This makes a ball bounce and makes it easier to hit it across the court. To maintain the pressure in the ball, padel balls are packed in cans that are pressurized (2 bar). When the can is opened, the balls will gradually lose their pressure.

Can I play Padel with a tennis ball?

It is possible to play with a tennis ball, but there are important differences between the two types of balls.

  • A tennis ball is slightly larger than a padel ball.
  • The pressure in a padel ball is lower than in a tennis ball.
  • Because of the lower pressure, you cannot hit a padel ball as hard.

Is there a difference between a training or competition padel ball?

There is indeed a difference between a training or competition padel ball. This has to do with the difference in speed, durability and bounce of the balls.