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Looking for Nylon shuttlecocks? Then you have come to the right place at badminton specialist store KW Flex. Nylon badminton shuttles from the best badminton brands can be found with us!

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Mavis 200 Yellow Medium - Outdoor
€5,95 RRP €5,25 *
Mavis 350 White Medium
€14,95 RRP €10,00 *
Nylon Shuttle 1000 Yellow
€6,50 *
Nylon Shuttle 1000 White
€6,50 *
Mavis Field II
€9,95 RRP €9,50 *
Nylon Shuttle 3000 Platin - White
€9,75 *
Nylon Shuttle 2000 Gold White
€8,95 RRP €8,95 *
Mavis 300 White Slow
€11,95 RRP €10,00 *
Mavis 300 White Medium
€11,95 RRP €10,00 *
AS Airshuttle 2.0
€9,90 *
Mavis 600 White Medium
€16,99 RRP €11,95 *
Mavis 300 Yellow Medium
€11,95 RRP €10,00 *
Nylon Shuttle 2000 Gold - Yellow
€9,00 RRP €8,95 *
Nylon Shuttle 3000 Platin - Yellow
€9,75 *

Nylon badminton shuttlecocks from both Victor and Yonex can be used for competition games and training. Nylon shuttles have the advantage that they last a very long time compared to a feather shuttlecock.

Price & Durable

A nylon shuttle is made from a certain type of plastic. The big advantage of this is the durability, which means that a shuttle lasts much longer in competition or training. Moreover, it is much cheaper to produce such a shuttle, which makes it much cheaper. The perfect shuttlecock for beginners or for players who do not yet have 100% control of the technique.

What is disadvantageous about a nylon shuttle?

First, a nylon shuttle has much less shock absorption, so vibrations have a much greater effect on strokes.

Second, the flight of a nylon shuttle is many times faster compared to a feather shuttlecock. In addition, a feather shuttlecock brakes at the last moment and this is not the case with a nylon shuttle. This makes steering the shuttle much more difficult and makes it more difficult to perform advanced strokes.
This is also the reason that feather shuttlecocks are used at higher levels, because they have to try to defeat the opponent in a more tactical way.

Different types of shuttles

The nylon shuttles can be ordered from different brands and at different speeds. The most used speed in the Netherlands is 77 (Blue). The other speeds can always be ordered, but not in stock as standard. The delivery time for these shuttles (76 and 78) is therefore a few days longer. The most used variant is the Yonex Mavis 300. The Yonex Mavis 600 is the nylon shuttle that most closely resembles a feather shuttlecock in flight and accuracy.

With these shuttlecocks it is more difficult to determine the speed of a shuttle, this is mainly determined in the factory. The cap of the shuttle has a colored sticker or the cap has a colored band.

  • Slow = Green
  • Medium = Blue
  • Fast = Red

At KW FLEX, you can order the nylon shuttles from the brands:

Nylon badminton shuttles from both Victor and Yonex can be used for competition competitions and training sessions. Nylon shuttles have the advantage that they last a long time compared to a spring shuttle.

How is a nylon badminton shuttle made?

You take a nylon shuttle from the tube and start your training or competition. You will have done this many times, but how is such a shuttle made? Read here in a few short steps how this works.

  1. A mold is made from the 'feathers'
  2. In an advanced machine, the mold is pressed with nylon (this can be done in different colors)
  3. The 'feathers on a shuttlecock' are shot out of the machine and have to cool down for a while
  4. Then the 'cap' of the shuttle is made of cork and is given a casing of a kind of plastic
  5. The 'cap' and the nylon 'feathers' are attached together in a machine with a little glue

The quality of the shuttle is of course determined by the materials used in the nylon and cork. This also has a major impact on the price to be paid.

Volume discount

Do you buy the shuttles for your badminton club, or are you a major consumer? We can always offer you a volume discount for larger numbers. You can find the first graduated prices on the product pages. If you want to purchase even larger numbers of shuttles, please contact [email protected] or call / WhatsApp +316-16501686

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