Squash stringing service

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Squash stringing
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Squash stringing service

Is your squash racket ready for a new string? Then you are at the right place at KW Flex. Thanks to our squash racket stringing service, we can fully assist you in stringing your squash racket. Stringing your squash racket is very important if you use the racket often. When using a squash racket, the strings lose tension. This will make the racket play a lot less pleasantly. Thanks to our squash stringing service, your squash racket is always completely in order.

Why should you use our squash stringing service?

Due to intensive use of a squash racket, the quality of the racket deteriorates. A well-strung squash racket plays a lot better. Because the racket functions correctly, it also prevents a lot of injuries. You no longer have to make unexpected and unusual movements. In addition, the squash racket stringing service also ensures that you have more power or control over your racket. This depends on how heavily the strings of the racket are strung. The last advantage of a well-strung squash racket is that it also provides more fun while playing. It is really nice if your squash racket functions well.

Squash Racket stringed to your wishes

It is very difficult for an average squash player to determine which string and how many kilograms should be put on the squash racket. The squash stringing service of KW Flex can help you with this. It is important that your squash racket matches your playing style and specific characteristics. With us, you can choose from different types of strings. Choosing the right string is very important. A thick string lasts a lot longer, but ensures that you have a lot less control and power. In addition, with our squash racket stringing service, you can also choose the number of kilos on a string. A lot of kilos provides more control while playing. This is only recommended for experienced players. By adding fewer kilos to the racket, the strings of your squash racket will last a lot longer. If you use your squash racket every week, we recommend that you use our squash stringing service once a year. This way you can enjoy your own squash racket for a long time.

Squash Racket strung at KW Flex

Does your squash racket need a makeover? Then you can use our squash stringing service. You can have your squash racket strung at our location within 30 minutes. It is wise to make an appointment with us in advance. You can also choose to send your racket to us. Our squash stringing service will check and string your racket within a few days. In addition to our squash stringing service, you can use our squash stringing service. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we advise you to contact us. This way, we can ensure that you can quickly enjoy an optimally strung squash racket.