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Victor sportswear

Badminton teamwear

Does your badminton team need a fresh look, or do you just like to take to the court together in one outfit? Check out all the options here! Many badminton brands release their clothing in a one shot order, making it difficult to reorder clothing. Fortunately, they also release badminton teamwear that can be ordered for a longer period of time, which makes it perfect for teams or clubs. In our webshop you will find all teamwear from the famous badminton brands, but also from the big sports brands JAKO and Erima. From the last two, we only have a limited selection online. Are you interested and do you want to know what the possibilities are? Visit our store and ask for a catalog of these brands.

Wide badminton range

There are many choices in terms of quality and materials for badminton sportswear. Do you want a garment made of 100% polyester, or should it also contain some stretch materials? Looking for a dry-fit shirt? Both are very comfortable and not a hindrance while playing badminton. The nice thing about polyester is that it won't shrink during washing and dry-fit absorbs the sweat extra fast. So you feel comfortable and dry during sports.

How long is badminton teamwear available? 

On average, the teamwear collections of Yonex, Victor and FZ Forza can be ordered for at least 2 seasons, until stocks run out. This means that repeat orders can be placed for 2 years anyway, and then it is as long as stocks last. Generally this is long enough for badminton teams who want to be uniform on the court during badminton tournaments.

For badminton clubwear it is pleasant if the clothing can be ordered for longer than 2 years. In that case, we can advise you the collections of Erima and JAKO. With these brands, certain clothing lines can be ordered for a minimum of 4 years, which means you can wear your club clothes for much longer. Also, with these brands it is possible to order clothing after the 4 years as long as stocks last. In practice, this means that clothing can usually be ordered for at least 5 years. In all these years there are of course the necessary fashion developments and changes in the wishes of club members, so after this period you can decide to order new badminton clothing again.

Important questions:

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we naturally need the necessary information. Therefore, it is helpful to think about the following questions and if you are interested, please share this information with us.

  • How many years do you want your team or club clothes to be available?
  • In which price range are you looking for badminton clothes?
  • What type of clothing are you looking for? Shirt, polo, shorts, skirts, training suits?
  • What are your printing wishes in terms of logos, names, flags, sponsors?
  • How many pieces would you like to order?
  • Do you want to use a fitting set?

Badminton Clubs Clothes Printing

If you would like to have your badminton teamwear or club clothes printed, KW FLEX can of course arrange this for you. The cost of printing depends on a number of points, which we will of course include in the quotation request if you make a complete and concrete request.

Important to know is:

  • What exactly do you want printed on the teamwear?
    • Club logo
    • Player name
    • Country
    • Sponsor names/logos
  • Where should the print be placed?
  • How large should the logo or text be?
  • How many pieces of apparel should be printed (quantity discount)?

Filter everything easily

Select the right size in the appropriate clothing category (36 to 54, 36 to 48 or 128 to XXXL) and then choose the colors you like best. Of course, this can be more than one color. Do you have a preference in terms of brand? No problem, because you can also select that.

As a final option, you can also filter on price, so you only see the options that fall within your budget. Is the article according to the website not in stock? Send us a message via email, phone / WhatsApp (+31616501686), contact form or via Facebook. Then we quickly see if the item is still available and when it can be delivered.

Our clothing expert helps!

Are you or your club/team looking for high quality badminton teamwear from a flexible supplier? At KW FLEX Badminton Specialist you can find everything and our clothing expert will help you with all your questions. When in doubt call us / send a WhatsApp message to:+31 616501686, email your questions to [email protected] or send a message via Facebook or visit our badminton store in Rijen.