Personal racket advice

Personal badmintonracket advice
Personal badminton racket advice you get FREE and FREE OF CHARGE at KW FLEX Racket specialist shop!

How do I choose a badminton racket?

How do you choose your perfect badminton racket  to take your performance to the next level? Or are you just starting out with badminton and do you want a badminton racket with which you can make enough progress in the training? Then we understand that there may be too many options to choose from.

That is why we have made a short questionnaire, with which our badminton specialists can properly determine which type of badminton rackets may be suitable for you. Based on a few criteria, our experience expert determines which type of badminton rackets is perfect for you!

So where does your search for the most suitable badminton racket start for you? At online badminton webshop KW FLEX!

Personal racket advice

Answer the following questions as best you can:

  • What is your current badminton racket?
  • Which playing style do you mainly use? (offensive, defensive, powerful, precise, etc.)
  • Do you mainly play doubles, singles or both?
  • How many years of experience do you have and at what level?
  • Do you suffer from injuries? If so, what type of injury
  • What are your own wishes? Continue to use the same playing style or develop a different, more power, better clears or more precision, etc.
  • What is the budget?
  • What is your gender?
  • What is your age?

Copy the above questions and send an email to [email protected] and get FREE advice as soon as possible!