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At KW FLEX racket shop, quality, service and customer satisfaction are central!
We do everything we can to make you 100% satisfied with your purchases, at the best prices.

Our badminton specialist Kwok-Wai has extensive knowledge of all badminton rackets, badminton shoes, bags, shuttles, sportswear, etc. and can therefore give you perfect advice. Of course, your wishes are the most important. You can also test products and experience them yourself (ask for the possibilities). In addition, we have expanded our range to include tennis, squash and padel products!

Did you know that KW FLEX is a dealer of various badminton brands?

At online badminton shop KW FLEX you can buy badminton rackets from Yonex, Victor, FZ Forza, Carlton and Dunlop.
You can also buy badminton bags and shuttles from these brands. And don't forget the grips!
Buy badminton shoes from the brands Victor, Yonex and FZ Forza. And you can order sportswear from the brands Erima, Victor, Yonex and Jako.

Order all your squash gear at KW FLEX!

In our online squash shop, we aim to offer quality squash equipment with our wide range of products. Whether you are just starting to play squash or have enjoyed playing for years, our collection has the right squash racket, comfortable shoes, the right ball and functional bags for players of all levels. Matching accessories such as grips, squash clothing and more can also be found in our online squash store.

Order padel products here, of course!

At KW FLEX online padel store you will find padel rackets, padel balls, padel bags and padel clothing for all levels. Order your new round, drop or diamond shaped padel racket. For beginners, recreational and advanced players, everyone can come to us.

Tennis articles available at KW FLEX!

You can also order tennis articles in our racketsport webshop. Choose tennis rackets from brands such as Yonex and Dunlop, tennis bags of various brands, tennis balls and grips.

Do you want to let your muscles recover?

Then consider the F.I.T. Sports balm to relieve your muscles, and you can buy Doubdle O7 to recover after exercise. We are also an official dealer of Hyperice massage devices!

Order all your products in the online badminton webshop and we will send them to you today if you order before 12:00 or visit the badminton store in Rijen. The coffee and tea are ready for you!

KW FLEX visits your badminton club!

If your badminton club (Region Breda / Tilburg in the Netherlands) is interested, KW FLEX can visit the club with a selection of our badminton products, at the same time you can extensively test all products immediately. The biggest advantage of this is that you can test the quality of the product and also determine whether the product is right for you. After all, not every player is the same.

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