Diamant shaped padel rackets

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Aero-Star Junior NH
€64,95 RRP €54,95 *
Rapid Power 3.0
€99,95 RRP €64,95 *
Boost Attack NH
€129,95 RRP €89,00 *
Blitz Attack NH
€169,95 RRP €119,95 *
FZ Forza
Tour Power 5002 Shocking Orange
€120,00 RRP €89,90 *

Why choose a diamant padel racket?

The offensive padel players can best use a diamond shaped padel racket because this type of racket has the characteristics of speed and power. Due to the fact that the sweet spot is close to the outer rim, it is a racket which is more difficult to play with. Therefore, these padel rackets are best suited for advanced players, who have mastered the technique of all strokes. We do not recommend these rackets for beginning players.

Advantages of a diamond shaped padel racket

An experienced padel player can take up the challenge of playing with a diamond shaped racket. In general, these rackets weigh a little more and the sweet spot is a little smaller than with a round padel racket. This results in the big advantage that you can hit the ball with more power. The combination of proper technique, game sense and power make for an invincible cocktail. So choose a diamond-shaped blade if you want to take your game to the next level with a different type of racket. Of course, this does require an adjustment in your playing style because these padel rackets respond differently. 

Besides the shape of the blade, it is also important to consider the weight. We recommend playing rackets between 365 and 375 grams. The heavier the racket, the more power strokes you can hit. We also recommend 38 mm thick rackets (these are almost all padel rackets for this level).

Diamond padel racket not for beginners

As beginning padel players, we do not recommend choosing a diamond shaped padel racket. As you have read above, a very good technique and the necessary match experience is required. Therefore, as a starting player, choose a round padel racket. After that, you can possibly choose a teardrop shaped padel racket.

For all your padel needs

Besides the best padel rackets, KW FLEX has a large assortment for all your padel needs. So you can easily find everything you need to play a fun and/or fanatical game of padel with friends or at a high level. For your padel racket, KW FLEX also sells padel bags in small and large models. This way you have a place to store your racket and a place for your sportswear, padel balls, etc. In our assortment, we have suitable tennis products for beginners as well as professionals.