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Not sure which badminton rackets are best for you? Go through the advice menu and find your perfect racket here! Choose from 5 different playing levels.

Badminton racket advice for badminton players!

Want to buy a new badminton racket, but not sure where to start? Then follow the steps of the badminton racket advice in our online badminton shop. We will make it a lot easier for you to choose a suitable racket by making a number of choices.

First, you need to choose between the different playing levels. This may be the level at which you are currently active or at which you played early on. Once you've played badminton at a higher level, you won't soon forget it. You have certain tactical insights, you know how to execute strokes, and you have experience with the game!
So, have you played at a high level, but are now comfortable playing in a lower league? Then we definitely recommend that you choose a better badminton racket.

Be honest about your badminton playing level!

On the other hand, we do not recommend buying a badminton racket that is actually too 'high' for you. In most cases, it will frustrate rather than improve your game. The racket will penalize mistakes sooner, resulting in more mistakes and less fun. Therefore, be honest about your level of play, tactical knowledge and abilities, so that you really are advised a suitable badminton racket.

Choose from the following 5 playing levels:

National / international badminton players

Your playing technique is of a very high level and that requires a matching badminton racket. The special racket technologies are going to highlight your strong features. The price is often on the high side because the materials used are more expensive and there is more expertise in the racket. You are or used to be a real top badminton player and in terms of power strokes, tactics, positioning and consistency, you are very well-trained.

On average, you play or have played in the 2nd division or higher, national or international top tournament / competitions and train several times a week. Or you used to play at this level.

Top competition badminton rackets

If you do not play at the absolute top, but are active just below it. Then this is the category you should choose. You are a really good badminton player and surely train at least twice or more a week. For you, as for national or international players, powerfully steep smashes and solid backhand-clears are no problem to hit. A high playing tempo, powerful strokes, tactics and positioning are no problem for you.

Basically, you play in the 3rd or 4th division in terms of leagues or tournaments, or have played at this level in the past.

Badminton rackets for high-level competitive players

You are active at a high level in terms of competition and/or tournaments. You have a good command of all badminton strokes and can execute them all well. You still want to constantly improve your tactical and technical skills, and you train at least once or twice a week for that. Furthermore, you can keep up the fast pace of play for quite some time, but during the match, this slows down, and you are less consistent with your strokes.

In most cases, you play in the 5th or 6th division or used to play at this level.

Competition players badminton rackets

Not only do you play training matches, but you also regularly play league or tournaments. The difference with a recreational player is your game, technique and fanaticism.
The advantages of these badminton rackets are increasing power, flexibility and decreasing weight. The handling of the racket thus becomes easier and easier, and in combination with basic technologies in the racket it can support and enhance your playing style.

In this case, choose the 7th & 8th division category.

Badminton rackets for recreants - novice players

Within this category, there are 2 options.

As a beginner badminton player you would like to learn the sport, this can be both children and adults. The badminton rackets we have selected here have the big advantage of being robust, which means they can withstand bumps better and are less likely to break (You can't hit a wall with these rackets either...) A disadvantage is the limited shock absorption, which increases the chance of possible shoulder injuries. Do you intend to play badminton for longer? Invest a little bit more money.

If you have been playing badminton for a longer period and possess the necessary basic strokes, then it is wise to set aside a little more budget for your new racket. The advantage of rackets is that they offer more power and comfort. They are often slightly lighter and therefore easier to handle, and the flexibility allows you to develop more power in your strokes. Please note that you should be careful with your badminton racket, as the carbon materials are sensitive and fragile. In this case, we think you fall into the recreational class.

If you fall within this category, choose the 9th to 11th division.

We will help you!

We have done our best to arrange this badminton racket selection menu as optimally as possible, but of course there are always peculiarities or deviations. Not every badminton player is standard, so you may need a different racket after all. Moreover, there are also differences between brands such as Yonex, Victor, Dunlop, Carlton or FZ Forza.

So are you having doubts, do you want extra advice or are you looking for a special badminton racket? Ask about it via: [email protected]Facebook and phone/whatsapp: + 31-616501686 or drop by our badminton shop in Rijen (Breda, Tilburg, Den Bosch region) and get advice from our badminton specialists.

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