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If your level is getting better and better, you will need to invest in a new and better fitting racket. With a beginners racket, you do yourself a disservice when you become more experienced and have a better technique. It is therefore wise to learn more about the possibilities or let yourself be informed by a badminton expert. Fortunately, for both, you are here at the right badminton store!

Buy advanced recreational badminton racket

Advanced recreational badminton players are badminton players who already have a good technique and therefore control many strokes very well. Of course, you are very economical with your rackets and your budget is at least a little more than that of a beginning badminton player

Benefits of a carbon badminton racquet

A carbon badminton racket gives players much more power, precision in the strokes, and they are lighter, so you can take the next step in training to optimize your technique. The difference between a beginner racket and a full carbon racket can be felt immediately by everyone.

As an advanced recreational player, you cannot do without a carbon fibre racquet, and therefore we do not recommend anything else than these rackets. Carbon is still being developed, and all badminton brands combine different materials with carbon, which gives them new possibilities. A carbon fibre racket is not only flexible, but can also be extra stiff. The possibilities are endless with carbon.

Top price/quality rackets

The badminton rackets which fall within the category of advanced recreational players are generally fine to top in terms of price/quality. These rackets do not yet contain the mega expensive technologies and the most expensive materials, and they are not suitable for professionals. Everything is reasonably balanced and this makes these rackets also balanced in terms of price/quality. 

How to choose the right racket?

There are so many badminton rackets to select from, which makes it not always easy to make a choice. Many badminton players do not know exactly what to look for, and especially what suits his/her style of play. You have to decide for yourself if you are satisfied with your current playing style, but want to fine tune something or really want to make a big change in your playing style. A different balance, flexibility or weight can have a big impact on the way you play. 

The flexibility of badminton rackets

The flexibility is divided between stiff, medium flex and flexible (stiff ○○●○ Flexible). In total, we make a distinction on the basis of the 5 point scale, with which we can indicate fairly precisely to which category that particular racket belongs. Each point has its advantages and less positive characteristics. With these points you can influence your style of play and thus strengthen or improve it. 

In general, you can use the following criterion:

  • Flexible racquets offer more power, absorb vibrations, less control and less accuracy.
  • Stiffer racquets offer more control, precision, require more force to develop power and are more susceptible to injuries.

The importance of the balance of your badminton racket

The weight distribution is mainly determined by your style of play and is divided between head heavy, balanced and grip heavy. Depending on your style of play and wishes, you should choose the right balance. Again, we use a 5 point scale, which indicates to which category the racket belongs. All points have advantages and disadvantages, which can change the way you play or emphasize your strong points.

  • Headlight rackets give you the possibility to play fast and agile strokes, which is ideal in defense and short at the net. Every smash you return is precise and effortless.
  • Head heavy rackets offer you even more power, so you can sweep your opponent off the court. Make sure you don't only choose for power, because badminton is more than smashing! 
  • Even balanced badminton rackets are exactly in between, and then you have the positive points of both worlds. Sounds ideal, but this is really not always the best choice. Sometimes you have to choose to get stronger!

What is your budget?

Not everyone has the same amount of money at their disposal, so everyone has a different budget. Of course, KW FLEX offers advanced recreational badminton rackets for everyone, and so you can always choose something. The biggest differences between rackets that are more expensive or cheaper have to do with the materials and technologies used. The development of a technology often costs a lot of money and if this is applied, it will of course be reflected in the price of the racket. 

Some technologies will help you advance your game quickly and for some you already need a super technique, because otherwise you cannot handle the badminton racquets. It does not mean that you will always play better with a more expensive and often more complex racket. 

Within the category rackets for experienced recreational players, you can pick rackets with a price between 50 and 90 Euros.

We are here for you! 

For advice, you can always contact us via [email protected], Facebook, Instagram and phone/WhatsApp: +31-616501686. We will always help you to choose the right racket! 

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