Padel rackets

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FZ Forza
Blaze Black/Red
€109,95 RRP €98,95 *
FZ Forza
Amaze Power 2.0 Dark Sapphire
€169,95 RRP €119,95 *
FZ Forza
Aero X10 Black
€169,95 RRP €119,95 *
FZ Forza
Blast Spin Orange
€146,95 RRP €99,95 *
FZ Forza
Spin Woman Purple
€104,95 RRP €75,00 *
Aero-Star Junior NH
€64,95 RRP €54,95 *
Rapid Power 3.0
€99,95 RRP €64,95 *
Rocket Ultra Orange
€79,95 RRP €49,95 *
Boost Lite NH
€129,95 RRP €69,95 *
Boost Attack NH
€129,95 RRP €89,00 *
Blitz Attack NH
€169,95 RRP €79,95 *
Drop Shot
€169,95 RRP €129,95 *
FZ Forza
Classic Power - Green
€79,95 *
Drop Shot
€69,95 *
Drop Shot
€99,95 RRP €79,95 *
Drop Shot
DSI Kaiten
€129,95 RRP €119,95 *
Drop Shot
DSI Finura
€109,95 *

What is a padel racket?

A padel racket is not the same as a tennis racket. A padel racket has no strings and is made of a composite material (carbon, fiber or graphite) with a pattern of holes. The large number of holes reduces the air resistance. Padel rackets have a round, diamond or drop shape. The padel racket has a cord attached to it, which allows you to attach the racket to your wrist. This prevents the padel rackets from flying around.

Which padel racket should I buy?

If you have just started padel or are an advanced padel player, it can be difficult to know which padel racket to choose. With such a wide variety of types, shapes and colors available for purchase, you can sometimes lose track of the forest for the trees. The two most important questions you should ask yourself before making your purchase are:

  • What is your level of play?
  • What type of player are you?

Padel rackets for beginners 

If you are new to the sport of padel, then as a novice player, it is wise to choose a racket that is not too heavy. A lighter padel racket is easier to handle and offers more control over your strokes. It takes less force to move the racket. If your elbows or shoulders are susceptible to injuries, it is wise to choose a light padel racket.

In terms of shape, we advise you to choose a round padel racket as this is where the sweet spot (most ideal place to hit the ball on the frame) is the largest and where you can hit the ball with more control.

Padel rackets for recreational players

You have been playing padel for some time as a recreational player, and you probably started with a round and light padel racket. You would like to buy a new racket, but what type of racket would be suitable for you? If you have mastered enough technique and are looking for power and control, you can choose a teardrop shaped padel racket. If you are a padel player who does not play with power, it is better to order a round padel racket. This will give you more control and a bigger sweet spot.

Padel rackets for advanced players

Are you an experienced padel player and do you master the technique of all strokes? In this case, you can choose from all the available rackets. Also for the experienced players a light weight padel racket can be the best choice, because you want to be able to react quickly and/or you have injury prone arms. But a heavier racket can also be excellent. This type of racket provides more power in your strokes, which allows you to play with more power. In general, the rackets for advanced padel players are equipped with the latest technologies and the best materials, which means they are more expensive.

The shape which is considered the most ideal by the professionals is the diamond shaped racket. These rackets allow you to hit with a lot of power, but at the same time you can easily lose control if you don't master the technique. Are you not ready yet? Choose a round or drop-shaped racket! Above all, choose something that suits your level and style of play.

Which padel racket should I choose?

Padel rackets are available in different shapes:

  • Round
  • Drop shaped
  • Diamond

A round padel racket is suitable for many players, from the beginning recreational player, to the experienced professionals at competition level. This type of racket has many all-round characteristics, such as good control, precision and speed. The racket is easy to handle and gives a better feeling due to the central sweet spot. Padel players who generally have a defensive style of play, want to react quickly to the ball and frequently hit the ball close to the glass will benefit from a round padel racket.

A teardrop shaped padel racket (also called hybrid racket) combines the characteristics of the round and diamond shaped rackets, and is suitable for players who have an all-round/attacking playing style. The sweet spot is located slightly higher up in the blade, allowing you to hit your strokes with a lot of power. In general, these padel rackets are also suitable for advanced players.

The offensive padel players can best use a diamond shaped padel racket because this type of racket has the characteristics of speed and power. Due to the fact that the sweet spot is close to the outer rim, it is a racket which is more difficult to play with. Therefore, these padel rackets are best suited for advanced players, who have mastered the technique of all strokes. We do not recommend these rackets for beginning players.