FZ Forza Blaze 1001 Black/Red

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  • Overview
  • Discover the FZ Forza Blaze 1001 Black/Red, the padel racket designed to refine your game and optimize your performance.


Material 100% Carbon
Head Shape Teardrop
Balance Even balanced
Weight ca. 355 gr
Color Black/Red
Level player Advanced

Product details

Are you a passionate padel player looking for the perfect racket to take your game to the next level? Search no further! Meet the FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red, a medium weight padel racket designed for the all-round player who strives for ultimate performance on the padel court.

For the All-round Padel Player

This impressive racket is not just a standard choice. It has a balanced balance and a teardrop-shaped racket head with a Middle sweet spot, which means it is suitable for various playing styles. Whether you like to play at the net, make powerful shots or improve your defense, the FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red is for you.

Technical Specifications that Make the Difference

The medium weight of the FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red provides the perfect combination of control and power. The balanced balance ensures agility, while the teardrop-shaped racket head offers you an extensive sweet spot. This makes you feel confident with every stroke. In addition, the use of soft EVA makes the racket suitable for the advanced player who is looking for precision and comfort.

Why Choose the FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red?

Ultimate Control and Power

With the FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red you are in control of the game. The medium weight and balanced balance provide the ideal combination of power and precision. You effortlessly hit powerful shots and maintain complete control over the ball, surprising your opponents time and time again.

Suitable for Advanced Players

This racket is not just for everyone. The FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red is specially designed for advanced players who want to sharpen their skills. The racket offers the necessary technological features to take your game to the next level.

Comfort and Maneuverability

Thanks to the use of soft EVA you experience ultimate comfort with every stroke. The racket feels like an extension of your arm and minimizes vibrations, so you can focus on your game without distraction. The balanced balance also ensures agility on the field, allowing you to respond quickly to any situation.

Take Action and Improve Your Game!

Are you ready to enrich your padel experience with the FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red? Don't wait any longer and add this top-class racket to your equipment. Improve your control, increase your power and play with the confidence of a professional.

Take the First Step to Padel Perfection

Discover the benefits of the FZ Forza Blaze Black/Red today. Take your game to new heights and enjoy the ultimate combination of control, power and comfort. Choose the racket that takes your padel adventure to a higher level!

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