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Badminton racket competition stringing
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Rainbow badmintonstrings
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Our stringing specialist at KW FLEX has many years of experience and stringed over 2000 badminton rackets. We use one of the most advanced stringing machines, specially and only suitable for the badminton sport.

Help! How many kilos and which string on my badminton racket?

It is very difficult for the average badminton player to determine which string or how many kg to put on the badminton racket. Of course we help you to make the right choice that matches your playing style and specific characteristics. At KW FLEX you can choose from a large selection of badminton strings from Yonex, Victor and Ashaway that are also available in many different colors.

Did you know that if you play badminton twice a week, it is wise to replace your string every year, even though it is not broken yet? The string of the string decreases and wears out during the year, but replacing the string regularly will prevent a broken string during an important competition.

Which badminton string?

The thickness of the string used when stretching the badminton racket depends on the type of game you want to play and the durability.

A thicker string means more durability and therefore less wear. At the same time, these strings give less control and power.

A thinner string means less durable and will have to be replaced faster, but the advantage of these strings is more power and control.

How many pounds on the string?

The number of kgs used on a string also depends on the type of game and the durability you want. Many badminton players think that as many kilos as possible should be put on a string, but that is certainly not true. It totally depends on your playing level, experience and playing style.

More pounds means more control, but you also need better Technic for that. Otherwise the string will wear out even faster and the string will also punish your playing.

Less pounds means a larger sweet spot, making it easier to hit the shuttle better. In addition, these strings often last longer, because there is less tension on them.

Test strings

At KW FLEX Badminton specialist store you can also test 2 identical badminton rackets with 2 different number of kilos, so you can decide what you like to play. Do you want to try this? Let us know and come pick up the rackets in the store!

Tennis and squash strings

In addition, we are also able to provide tennis and squash rackets with a new covering for you. Every year our stringing specialist takes a course at Yonex to sharpen and improve his stringing skills for tennis rackets.

Where can you find us?

Our badminton shop is located in Rijen at Heistraat 13A Netherlands. There you can hand in your badminton racket to let it stretch. While you wait we will stretch your racket again or we will agree when you can pick it up again. Of course we also have our stringing machine with us during tournaments or on club evenings.


  • String up to 0.25kg exactly
  • Extra safe for the racket frame
  • Reliable quality
  • 10 different types of strings available in various colors (please contact us for possible colors at the various strings)


20 euros for the best strings, choice of more than 10 different strings?

2 euros extra for Yonex Aerobite/Aerobite boost and special 10 meter sets.

1: By appointment in Rijen

It is possible to have your racket strung by appointment in Rijen. The racket is ready within 30 minutes, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. In most cases you can already make an appointment if you call 1 hour in advance. It is also possible to hand over the racket and collect it at a later time.

2: KW FLEX comes to your association

In addition, you can also have your racket strung or delivered when KW FLEX comes to your association and if you want your racket to be strung immediately, it is wise to report this in advance. In that case KW FLEX will bring its stringing equipment.

3: Send

Finally, you can send your racket (shipping), after which KW FLEX will string your racket within a few days (in consultation).

In order to provide you with the best possible service and to determine the correct tension for you, we advise you to contact us via  [email protected]Facebook, call / whatsapp + 31-616501686 or visit our badminton store in Rijen.