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badminton net 6 meters
€99,95 *
Mini Badminton Net
€69,00 RRP €54,95 *
Badminton net Premium 6 meter
€99,95 *
Badminton Net C-7005
€37,90 RRP €34,95 *
Badminton Net C-7004
€38,95 *
Badminton Net International Tournament
€54,90 RRP €49,95 *

Badminton Net

Would you like to be able to play badminton at home, in the garden, at the campsite, on the beach, in a parking lot or anywhere else with a real badminton net? At KW Flex, you can order the Victor mini badminton net at a super low price! If you are interested in our badminton nets, order quickly!

Height of the net

The various nets are easy to set up. These badminton nets are of high quality, and they are adjustable to different heights. For the Victor Mini Badminton Net, the possible heights are: 107 cm, 130 cm and 155 cm. So from small to large, this badminton net is perfect to use. The width is 300 cm.

So with this, both children and adults can use the badminton net and experience all the fun. So from small children to adult, this is a perfect net to use. 

Activities with Badminton Net

You can use the badminton net for other activities. Of course, you can play badminton with it, but you can also do other fun sports with it! Think of foot volleyball or volleyball. This way, you keep having fun with different sports activities with one net!

Ask for advice 

Order your Victor badminton net online or visit us in our badminton store in Rijen! If you have any questions about a badminton net or other kinds of badminton products, please feel free to contact one of our specialists by phone or in the store! Our specialists are ready to help you and give the best advice. Ordered today before 12:00 noon, is shipped today.

Besides the badminton net we also offer other badminton products, think of products like: