2 compartment Squash bag

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Why a 2 compartment squash bag

Are you going to get a lot more serious with squash and do you also need a spare racket? It is then wise to use a two-compartment squash bag. In this bag you can take all the things you need with you, while you can also store several squash rackets. In principle, you can take a total of 6 squash rackets in the two-compartment squash bag. In principle, you do not only have to use the two-compartment squash bag for your rackets. You can also use one of the two compartments to store other items. You therefore always have enough space to store your squash clothing, towels and squash balls. Most two-compartment squash bags have a carrying strap or a handle, so that you can easily take the bag with you.

Different types of 2 compartment squash bags

At KW Flex there are different types of two-compartment squash bags available. For example, we have the two-compartment squash bags in different shapes, but we also have a lot of different brands. The Victor brand has a lot of choice if you are looking for a two-compartment squash bag. The Victor squash bags are available in different prices, so you can always find something that suits you. The Yonex brand also has a wide range of different two-compartment squash bags. The advantage of these bags is that most bags have two extra small compartments. You can use this to store other things, such as shoes and clothes. In addition, we also have several two-compartment squash bags from the Dunlop brand. These bags also have a special shoe compartment and a special accessory compartment. This way you can safely store your valuables.

Buy 2 compartment squash bag at KW Flex

The two compartment squash bags from KW Flex can be used for all sports. So you can also choose to store your tennis rackets or padel rackets in this bag. You have a lot of space in a two-compartment squash bag. Are you looking for more space? Then you can also take a look at the three compartment squash bags. These are even larger than the two-compartment squash bags, so you can take even more rackets with you at the same time. Have you found the two compartment squash bag that suits you? If you order it today before 12:00, it will be shipped today!