Victor Kids badminton shoes

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A960 OF Junior
€79,95 RRP €54,95 *
A960 GC Junior
€79,95 RRP €54,95 *
A501 AJ
€79,00 RRP €45,00 *
A501 White/Red
€79,00 RRP €59,95 *
Sh-9000 ACE Red
€139,00 RRP €69,00 *
SH-8500 D
€119,00 RRP €59,00 *
SH-910 Blue
€109,00 RRP €45,00 *

Victor kids badminton shoes

Are you looking for new VICTOR kids badminton shoes? The latest and greatest children's badminton shoes can be found at KW FLEX Badminton specialist store. In our online badminton shop you will find all VICTOR sports shoes that are suitable for children to play badminton. So take a look around in our assortment and who knows, you might find your new badminton shoes!

Also possible when you grow up

The shoes have a very good price/quality ratio and the children's shoe sizes start at size 32 and eventually run into the adult shoe sizes. So when you have grown out of your children's badminton shoes, you can immediately switch to the men's badminton shoes or ladies' badminton shoes. These are also possible of the brand Victor. Are you very satisfied with this brand and do you want to use them for a longer time? Then it is highly recommended to have a look at the assortment.

Indispensable equipment

The most important thing about you or your kids' badminton equipment is the sneakers. Many parents of children still think too easily about this, but the right shoes can prevent a lot of injuries. The main features of badminton shoes are: lighter, reinforced at important points, flexible, resilient and good cushioning.
The smallest sizes are only available in a limited number, but from size 35 we can offer various badminton shoes in many different colors and price ranges!

How to choose the right VICTOR children badminton shoe?

Buy kids badminton shoes online? You can always find the right badminton shoe at the KW FLEX Badminton specialist shop. Not sure about the size or model? Contact our badminton specialists for detailed advice or visit our badminton shop in Rijen! So you can try the shoe yourself and see if it is something for you. Of course, you can also see how explosive your movements are with these new Victor children's badminton shoes.

Complete the equipment

It sometimes happens that the shoes don't feel comfortable right away. For this, we have special Bama insoles. These ensure that you walk more comfortably and that you fit better in your shoe. The sole provides extra cushioning. Besides these inlay insoles we also have different sport socks. These fit well with your outfit and are also very comfortable. Check out our range of other badminton shoe accessories.

We help you further

So are you looking for children badminton shoes with extra stability? Or are you looking for shoes that provide more cushioning? You can find everything at KW FLEX Badminton specialist store. When in doubt, call us / send a whatsapp message to: +31 616501686, email your questions to [email protected] or send a message via Facebook.

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