3 compartment Padel bag

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3 comp bag 9034 D red
€84,95 RRP €71,95 *
3 comp bag 9034 B Blue
€84,95 RRP €71,95 *
3 comp bag 9033 Black
€84,95 RRP €71,95 *
FZ Forza
3 comp Tour line 15-Rackets June Bug
€108,95 RRP €89,95 *
FZ Forza
3 comp Tour line 15-Rackets Blue
€108,95 RRP €89,95 *
FZ Forza
3 compartments Tour line 15-Rackets
€108,95 RRP €75,00 *
3 comp bag 9031 blue
€74,90 RRP €66,95 *

choose your 3 compartment badminton racketbag here!

Why the 3 compartment padel bag?

Are you a fanatic padel player and do you have a lot of padel rackets and other stuff to carry? Then the 3 compartment padel bag is the solution for you! This big padel bag has 3 compartments to sort all your stuff. Basically, 12 padel rackets can be stored in the bag, but of course you can also use a compartment for your clothes or shower gear. Often there is also a separate shoe compartment, where your padel shoes can be stored after exercise and in most cases there are both carrying straps and handles to the bag, so you can comfortably carry the bag.

If you only carry rackets in the three large compartments, you can store in total:

  • approx. 12 badminton rackets with sleeve OR
  • approx. 9 tennis rackets OR
  • approx. 9 squash rackets OR
  • approx. 9 padel rackets

Different brands of three compartment padel bags available!

The three compartment padel bags can be ordered in the brands Victor and Yonex. The brand Victor offers three compartment bags in different models and colors:

  • Victor 3 case Supreme, color blue
  • Victor 3 box bag 9030, color Grey/Yellow
  • Victor 3 box bag 9031, colour Black or Blue
  • Victor 3 box bag 9038, colour Green
  • Victor 3 box bag 9039, colour Yellow
  • Victor 3 box bag 9084, color Orange
  • Victor 3 box bag 9308, color Black/Gold
  • Victor multithermobag 9039/9308, red or blue/range

Suitable for all racket sports!

This nice racket bag is suitable for all racket sports and super practical. Store your tennis rackets, squash rackets or padel rackets in this bag and take them easily to your trainings or matches.

Several models possible

The brand Yonex also offers different models in different colors. So everyone can use the different Yonex padel bags. This is also what they find important, that it is accessible for everyone to start padel. Below are the padel bags for you in a row:

  • Yonex Pro 3 compartment racket bag 92029, in the colors Black, Blue, Orange or Silver.
  • Yonex Pro 3 compartment bag BA92029, in the colors Red, Water Blue or Black/Yellow.

Need another padel bag?

Do you think you need a different size padel bag, because you want to carry more or less padel rackets? Then you can also check out the 2 compartment bag or tournament bags. Of course, you can also order the practical backpack, ideal to carry on your back and compact. Make sure you find the best padel bag that suits you. Which one is it going to be for you? We would love to hear from you!

We help you

Have you already made your choice? Order your three compartment padel racket bag now at KW FLEX padel online or visit us in our padel store in Rijen! Ordered today before noon, is shipped today.