Victor badminton shuttles

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Nylon Shuttle 1000 Yellow
€6,50 *
Nylon Shuttle 1000 White
€6,50 *
Champion No.1 Speed 78
€24,95 *
Nylon Shuttle 3000 Platin - White
€9,75 *
Nylon Shuttle 2000 Gold White
€8,95 RRP €8,95 *
Carbonsonic CS No.2
€17,95 *
Vicfun Speed badminton shuttles
€8,95 *
Champion No.1 Speed 77
€29,95 RRP €25,90 *
Nylon Shuttle 2000 Gold - Yellow
€9,00 RRP €8,95 *
Nylon Shuttle 3000 Platin - Yellow
€9,75 *
Pro Court Shuttles
€17,50 RRP €14,70 *
Queen Shuttles
€25,95 RRP €21,95 *
Special Shuttlecocks
€23,95 RRP €21,15 *
Gold Maxima shuttles
€27,95 RRP €25,50 *
Service Shuttlecocks
€30,95 RRP €28,80 *
Master Ace Shuttles
€38,95 RRP €34,15 *
Gold Champion Shuttles
€33,95 RRP €30,20 *

Victor shuttles

One of the bigger badminton brands Victor. Of course, we sell their shuttles from KW FLEX. So would you like to order Victor badminton shuttles? Buy them before noon and get them shipped today!

Feather Victor shuttles

All Victor feather shuttles are made of the highest possible quality. Of course the quality of the springs differs per shuttle type and the price is in proportion to the quality.

A feather shuttle can be made of goose feathers and duck feathers and offers much more control and feel in your strokes compared to a nylon shuttle. The disadvantage is that a feather shuttle lasts many times shorter than a nylon shuttle and is also slightly more expensive. But whoever goes for quality and fun, still buys a feather shuttle!

Feather badminton shuttles are also available from:

Nylon Victor shuttles

The Victor nylon shuttles are very durable and therefore last much longer compared to a feather shuttle. This shuttle is generally more suitable for recreational or competition players at a not too high level.

Of course, you can also buy nylon shuttles from Yonex.

Sustainable shuttles

The reason that as a novice badminton player you start playing with a nylon shuttle is the durability. These shuttles can take a beating much better. It can happen that you accidentally hit the rest of the shuttle instead of the cap. This is often the result of a limited stroke technique. If this happens with a feather shuttle, you can quickly throw it away.

Volume discount

Do you buy the Victor shuttles for your badminton club or are you a major consumer? We can always offer you a volume discount for larger numbers. You can find the first graduated prices on the product pages. If you want to purchase even larger numbers of shuttles, please contact [email protected] or call / WhatsApp +316-16501686.