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J-35607 C Black
€79,95 RRP €69,95 *
Sweater Pants P-43800 C Black
€39,00 RRP €35,95 *
Track Pants P-33800 C Black
€44,90 RRP €37,95 *
Sweater V-23400 C Black
€59,00 RRP €49,95 *
Sweater Jacket V-13400 Grey
€58,95 RRP €52,95 *
FZ Forza
Lavida Pulli
€65,00 RRP €32,95 *
Jacket J-03600 H Grey
€49,95 RRP €39,95 *
Jacket Team Black 3529
€59,00 RRP €44,95 *
Training pants 2.0 Black
€33,00 RRP €26,50 *
Pants Team Black 3697
€39,00 RRP €34,95 *

The best kids tracksuits you buy now in our online badminton store Available in different colors, sizes and brands.

Why wear a children badminton tracksuit?

A kids' badminton training suit is essential for players to easily and properly keep your muscles warm after you've had a tough workout or played an intense match. It is very tempting to let your muscles cool down for too long after such an intense session and a sweaty body. Of course, it's good to "sweat it out" for a while, but shortly after that it's wise not to put too much strain on your muscles. When you're done, then you can quietly perform a cool down in your tracksuit and relieve your muscles. If you have to play more matches, then your muscles stay warm for a bit, and it will take less energy to warm them up optimally again. So you can perform to the max.

Badminton tracksuit brands

At KW FLEX badminton store, you can buy kids tracksuits from different brands. There are sets for sale from the 'real' badminton brand Victor, but these sets are usually composed by yourself. The Victor Team pants 3697 is a black training pants which you can combine with the Victor Training jacket Team Black 3529 or the latest Victor Training jacket J-20603 C Black, for example, a beautiful complete set

In our online badminton shop or in our physical store, you can also order training suits from JAKO or ERIMA. Online, there is only a limited selection. Are you interested? Ask about the possibilities, and we will be happy to help you!

Wide range of men's badminton clothes

From badminton T-shirts and polos, sports sweaters, shorts and skirts, complete badminton training suits to sports socks. At KW Flex Badminton Specialist you can find everything. Put together a complete badminton outfit and wear comfortable sports clothing of high quality. If in doubt call us / send a Whatsapp message to: +31616501686, mail your questions to [email protected], send a message through Facebook or visit our badminton store in Rijen!

Badminton sports shorts 

The best way to complete your badminton shirt or polo is with matching badminton shorts or skirts. These shorts are generally lightweight and have a comfortable fit. At KW FLEX, you will find a wide collection of short sports shorts. Almost all the shorts are equipped with Dry-Fit technology, which allows sweat to be properly removed during training and competition. During the intensive badminton sessions, you stay cool, and you can put all your energy into your strokes and running.

Some sports shorts have pockets, which are of course very practical, but most are without pockets. After all, on the badminton court you won't have extra shuttles in your pocket or anything else. Besides badminton shorts and skirts for women, there are also sports shorts and sports skirts available for men and children. You shop them here:

Badminton teamwear

Of course, we also supply badminton teamwear that is available for several years, so you do not have to change to another model. Both JAKO and ERIMA have clothing lines that are available for up to 4 years. Victor has a clothing line that changes every 2 years. Curious about the possibilities?

Printing apparel

Would you like to have your name, club name and/or country printed on your clothing? No problem at all! KW FLEX can arrange it all for you with our professional in-house printing service. It is possible to print your name large on the back and/or smaller on the chest. Moreover, you can also have the Dutch, German or Belgian flag printed on your chest in miniature.

Many badminton teams or clubs are sponsored by different companies. To give these sponsors extra exposure, it is possible to get their logo or name printed on the t-shirts, polo's or sweaters. Besides the fact that this is advantageous for your sponsor, it also looks professional. Ask our expert about the possibilities to have the printing done perfectly.

There are a number of standard options included in the checkout process, for other options please contact us via email, phone/WhatsApp (+31-616501686), contact form, Facebook or visit our badminton store in Rijen!