Victor Light Fighter badminton rackets

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DX Light Fighter 60 E - Strung
€149,00 RRP €99,95 *
ARS Light Fighter 80 A - Strung
€169,00 RRP €129,95 *
TK Light Fighter 30 F - Strung
€109,00 RRP €89,00 *
ARS Light Fighter 40 D Strung
€119,00 RRP €99,95 *

Victor Light Fighter badminton racket

You can easily and quickly order your Victor Light Fighter badminton rackets at the online badminton shop KW FLEX - The Victor Light Fighter Series is special because of the use of high-quality carbon and the exceptional lightness. The light feeling gives these rackets unique handling and previous impact points and therefore optimum control.

The Light Fighters are ideal for women and men who have less strength and want to be very agile on the badminton court. The light weight allows you to move quickly with the racket and specific models such as the Victor ARS Light Fighter 80 are head heavy and medium flexible, making it easier to smash and hit powerful shots.

The biggest advantage of the low weight is the low risk of injuries. The badminton racket absorbs all vibrations and because the racket weighs little, your muscles have less to endure.

Victor Light Fighter = Extremely lightweight, very manoeuvrable, ideal for injury-prone badminton players

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