30 Days of satisfaction guarantee

KW FLEX wants 100% satisfaction guarantee for all customers. Therefore, we offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Whatever the case may be, if your items don’t suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact KW FLEX to find a fitting solution.

Conditions for 30 day of satisfaction guarantee

KW FLEX can only provide this service when the products are unworn/undamaged and in its original condition still provided with their original labels. This also applies to articles in sale.

Fitting the items is always allowed. We therefore recommended you to try on your shoes on a soft surface (like a carpet). Labels may only be removed if you can't fit the product properly. In case you would like to return or exchange the article, please make sure the article is still intact, clean and - to the extent possible – in its original state. This will save you, and us, a lot of trouble and time.