30 Days of satisfaction guarantee

KW FLEX wants 100% Happiness guarantee for all customers. Therefore, we offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Whatever the case may be, if your items don’t suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact KW FLEX to find a fitting solution.

Conditions for 30 day of Happiness guarantee

KW FLEX can only provide this service when the products are unworn/undamaged and in its original condition, still provided with their original labels. This also applies to articles in sale.

Fitting the items is always allowed. We therefore recommended you to try on your shoes on a soft surface (like a carpet). Labels may only be removed if you can't fit the product properly. In case you would like to return or exchange the article, please make sure the article is still intact, clean and - to the extent possible – in its original state. This will save you, and us, a lot of trouble and time.

Conditions for testing rackets

In order to properly determine whether a racket is the right choice for you, you may test one or more rackets. This will allow you to play all strokes and feel if the racket suits your style of play and wishes.

This is an extra service from KW FLEX racket specialist, for which we have set up a number of conditions.

  • The frame of a racket should always be returned in new condition.
    This means that there should be no scratches, scrapes, cracks, etc. on the frame. (You are responsible for checking the frame and reporting any scratches before using the racket.)

How to prevent this?

  1. Pick up the shuttle from the ground with your hand. (do not drag the shuttle).
  2. Be careful with doubles
  3. When returning your racket to the racket drop box, make sure it is properly packed (e.g. racket cover).
  • Rackets that are strung according to your personal wishes can only be returned if:
  1. The rackets are still in new condition (frame, handle etc.)
  2. The costs for the stringing will not be reimbursed and will be deducted from the purchase value.
  3. The number of desired kg's on the frame fits within the maximum number of KG's as stated by the supplier.
  • Rackets from which the plastic of the grip has been removed cannot be returned.

Tip: Apply a temporary grip over the plastic of the handle, leaving it in like new condition when the temporary grip is removed

  • Return conditions:
  1. We apply a return policy of 30 days. Returns must therefore be made within 30 days.
  2. The costs for returning parcel post can be found in our return conditions.
  3. The cost of returning a parcel or letter post from other countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or France is entirely the responsibility of the buyer.