Teardrop shaped padel rackets

Padel players looking for a mix of control and power, who choose a teardrop-shaped racket!

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FZ Forza
Blaze Black/Red
€109,95 RRP €98,95 *
FZ Forza
Amaze Power 2.0 Dark Sapphire
€169,95 RRP €119,95 *
Drop Shot
DSI Kaiten
€129,95 RRP €119,95 *
Drop Shot
DSI Dynamic Pro
€89,95 *

Why choose a teardrop padel racket?

A teardrop shaped padel racket (also called hybrid racket) combines the characteristics of the round and diamond shaped rackets, and is suitable for players who have an all-round/attacking playing style. The sweet spot is located slightly higher up in the blade, allowing you to hit your strokes with a lot of power. In general, these padel rackets are also suitable for advanced players.

Padel players looking for a mix of control and power, who choose a teardrop-shaped racket!

Weight of Teardrop padel racket

Besides the shape of the blade, it is also important to take into account the weight. Most players are wise to play with rackets between 365 and 375 grams. You can choose heavier padel rackets for the extra power, but the result is less maneuverability and control. We also recommend choosing 38mm thick rackets (almost all padel rackets for this level).

Teardrop rackets for experienced padel players

Due to various applied technologies, changes in balance point and/or weight, the teardrop padel rackets are also suitable for professionals. The technology is constantly being developed, making the different shapes of the rackets suitable for more target groups. It used to be very clear that an experienced player should buy a diamond shaped racket. Now, it can certainly also be a round or teardrop shaped racket. 

For all your padel needs

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