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Tennis stringing
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The best tennis stringing service

The stringing of a tennis racket largely determines the quality of the tennis racket. A high tension can give more control and a lower tension can offer more comfort while playing tennis. That is why it is important that if you want to string a tennis racket, you get the right service. At KW Flex we stand for quality, and this is also reflected in our racket stringing service. Contact us now for the best tennis racket stringing.

Also for all your other tennis items

In addition to the best tennis racket stringing service, KW Flex has a wide range of tennis articles. You can be well prepared for every tennis training and tennis match. After your tennis racket stringing, you also need a place to store your renewed tennis racket. For this reason, also look at the various tennis bags from KW Flex. In our range we have everything for both the novice tennis player and the professionals. In this way we try to ensure that you can go to KW Flex for all your tennis equipment. So order all your tennis equipment online now at KW Flex.

Also check out our other sports

At KW Flex we are experts in various sports. For example, in addition to tennis at KW Flex, we also have various articles for other sports. We have products for badminton, squash and padel. We also strive for the highest quality with these sports articles. But for us the most important thing is the fun for our customers. We think of our customers and what they need to be able to exercise well and fun. This is clearly reflected in our large range. We have a wide choice of badminton, squash, padel and tennis products for every customer. Order now at KW Flex or view our range to see what we can do for you. Is your tennis racket ready for a new string? We put in a brand new covering for you, with which you can play wonderfully again. Do not forget to have your tennis racket re-strung at least once a year because of the risk of damage. voltage drop. Maintenance in this form is forgotten by many players, because one gets used to the loss of tension, it is not very noticeable.