Mens sportswear

Men's indoor sports clothing, including badminton, squash, tennis or other sports. Shorts, polos, socks, tracksuits.

In order to be able to deliver the best performance, you also need to wear clothing that perfectly matches this. In our webshop you can buy t-shirts, polo's, shorts, socks, training jackets and trainers in different sizes and colors.

Badminton team clothing

Naturally, we also supply team clothing that is available for several years, so you do not have to switch quickly to another model. Both JAKO and ERIMA have clothing lines that can be delivered for up to 4 years. Victor has a clothing line that changes every 2 years. Curious about the possibilities? Ask us via facebook, [email protected] or call / whatsapp us at + 31-616501686.

Printing on clothes

Of course it is also possible to have your clothes printed! There are a number of standard options included in the checkout process, for other options you can contact us via email, phone / whatsapp (+ 31-616501686), contact form or via facebook!