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Airblade Square Bag 1901 Black/Yellow
€49,95 RRP €39,95 *

Online sports store for Carlton badminton sports bags - Find your new Carlton badminton bag easily and quickly on KW FLEX's online badminton shop. Racket bags are of very practical use for every badminton player, whether you are a novice badminton player or a professional. Who doesn't want a sports bag in which you can easily store your badminton gear? Luckily for you, KW FLEX has a wide range of badminton rackets bags from Carlton that will always suit your needs.

Carlton 1 pocket badminton bag

Right now we have a Carlton 1 compartment badminton bag in our collection. A super convenient racket bag in which you can store badminton rackets, clothes, shoes and accessories. This racket bag is suitable for the players who do not take so much stuff to a training or competition. The bag has 1 large compartment and 1 small compartment on the side. Of course, the bag has a comfortable carrying strap that allows you to carry the bag on your back.

Types of Badminton bags

Choose which type of bag suits you best! If you have any questions about one of our bags or would like some advice about Carlton or one of our other brands, please visit our badminton store! Our specialists will gladly help you. Are you looking for another type of badminton bag? That's no problem for us! At KW Flex we offer different types of badminton bags such as:

Brand Badminton bag

If you're looking for a specific brand other than a Carlton badminton bag, that's no problem at KW Flex either. We offer brands from:

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Order your Carlton badminton bags online now at KW Flex. Besides Carlton badminton bags, we also have Carlton badminton rackets. Quickly go to our website and order your Carlton badminton bag or our further Carlton assortment now.