What kind of text would you like to be printed?

There are various printing options for your shirt, for example your name, country etc.

Would you like to print your shirt or polo with your name, country or other texts. KW FLEX will print all shirts with Flock technology within a few days. For more options about printing your shirt, please contact us.

Prices per article:

Tekst line approx. 2 cm high 1-5 pieces €4,50
  6-15 pieces €3,50
  15> €2,50
Tekst regel approx. 5 cm high 1-5 pieces €7,50
  6-15 pieces €5,00
  15> €3,50


Did you know that you get a discount if you have our logo printed on your chest, belly or back? You can get up to 5 euros off your purchase!

Logo at back                                         Logo at chest                                Logo at belly