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Tennis rackets for everyone

Tennis has been a popular sport for years that attracts many viewers during the major tournaments such as Wimbledon and the US Open. Also in the Netherlands it is a very popular sport, in the Netherlands it is even the most popular sport after soccer. 1 million people in the Netherlands regularly play a tennis match and for every match a good tennis racket is of course very important. We at KW FLEX know this like no other, which is why we strive to offer the best quality products in our entire range. Check out our wide range of tennis rackets now to see what KW FLEX has to offer you!

Want to buy tennis rackets?

In addition to our large selection of badminton rackets, we now also sell tennis rackets, squash rackets and padel rackets. Tennis has been a popular sport for years and to play tennis well, quality for your tennis rackets is very important. For this reason we have added the 2 top tennisracket brands Dunlop and Yonex to our assortment. These 2 top tennis brands give you a choice of the best tennis rackets so you can practice your sport with the best equipment. 

For all your tennis needs

Besides buying the best tennis rackets, KW FLEX has everything you need to play a good game of tennis. KW FLEX sells various tennis bags, with which you can easily transport your tennis rackets. In our assortment we have a perfect tennis bag for both beginners and professionals. Besides our tennis bags we also offer tennis grips. A proper grip for your tennis racket is very important in your tennis game and can also prevent arm injuries. Another service we offer is a new stringing for your tennis racket. With our tennis stringing service, we make sure that you can come to KW FLEX for all your tennis needs. Order all your tennis equipment online, always the lowest price and free shipping from €50 in NL and €100 in BE. For questions or personal advice call +31 616501686 or send an email to [email protected]