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A shuttle made of feathers will be seen by almost every badminton player as the most ideal/fun. The flight of this shuttle is super stable, trick shots can be performed better, and the players can determine the speed of the shuttle themselves (by breaking the feathers).

Material of feather shuttles

A feather shuttle can be made of goose feathers and duck feathers and offers much more control and feeling in your strokes compared to a nylon shuttle. Unfortunately, there is also a disadvantage to this type of shuttle, because they last much less than a nylon shuttle.


The cost of a feather shuttle is higher than that of a nylon shuttle. What is the reason for that? These shuttles are made from a 100% natural product, and it is much more labor intensive to produce them. However, this should not spoil the fun, and we advise the better players to play with this type of shuttle.

Fun is always central!

Different types

Feather badminton shuttlecocks are available for training and official competition games and for sale in various speeds. The most used speed in the Netherlands is 77 (Blue). The other speeds can always be ordered, but not in stock as standard. The delivery time for these shuttles (76 and 78) is therefore a few days longer.

At KW FLEX you can order the feather shuttles from the brands:

Do you want to know exactly which shuttle is allowed for competitions? Lists are available all over the world stating which shuttle can be used at which level. This can differ per country.

Volume discount

Do you buy the shuttles for your badminton club or are you a major consumer? We can always offer you a volume discount for larger numbers. You can find the first graduated prices on the product pages. If you want to purchase even larger numbers of shuttles, please contact [email protected] or call / whatsapp +316-16501686.