3 compartment Squash bag

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Why the 3-compartment squash bag?

Do you need a lot of space when you get started with squash? Do you have a lot of squash rackets and other items that you would like to store? Then the three compartment squash bag is probably the bag you are looking for. In the three compartment squash bag you have a total of three compartments that you can use to store and sort your belongings. You could store a total of 9 squash rackets in the three-compartment squash bag. However, the bag is also made to store other items. You can also use one of the three compartments to store your clothes and shower items. In addition, many of our three-compartment squash bags also have a special compartment for your shoes. So you only need one bag when you play squash. Most three-compartment squash bags have a handle or a carrying strap. These make it a lot easier for you to take the bag with you.

Different types of 3-compartment squash bags

At KW Flex there is a wide range of three compartment squash bags that you can choose from. The bags are available from different brands. The three compartment squash bags of these brands are available in different colours. So you can choose from a color bag that matches the squash clothing you wear while playing. The brands you can choose from are Victor and Yonex. Different models are available from both brands, so that everyone can use the three compartment squash bags.

Buy 3 compartment squash bag at KW Flex

The three compartment squash bags can be used for all sports for which you need a racket. You can therefore also use the bags to store your tennis rackets or padel rackets. They are very large bags with a lot of space. Are you looking for a smaller bag? Then take a look at our two-compartment squash bags or one-compartment squash bags. These are a lot smaller and therefore easier to carry. Have you found the bag that suits you? Order it at KW Flex. If you order it before 12:00, it will be shipped the same day!