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BG 80 - 200 meter
€169,95 €114,95

Can you restring your badminton racket yourself, or do you have your own fixed stringer? In our badminton webshop you can of course also buy individual string sets or string coils. So does your badminton racket need a new string? Make your choice here.

Wide choice of Victor and Yonex strings

There are many strings available in our badminton webshop from both Victor and Yonex. We have a wide choice of string types and colors. Moreover, many variants are in stock and available immediately.

Are you looking for a thin string with a lot of feeling or just the durable slightly thicker string, you can always buy the desired badminton string from us.

Which badminton string?

If you don't know the exact differences between the string variants, read here what the differences are in general. Ask for advice if you want more information.

The thickness of the string that is used when stringing the badminton racket depends on the type of game you want to play and the durability.

  • A thicker string means more durability and therefore less wear and tear. At the same time, these strings give less control and power.
  • A thinner string means less durable and will have to be replaced sooner, but the advantage of these strings is more power and control.

badminton saiten

Fact check..

Did you know that if you play badminton twice a week, it is wise to replace your strings every year even though it is not broken yet? The tension of the string decreases and wears out during the year. By regularly replacing the string, you prevent a broken string during an important match. You can compare this with the maintenance of your car or house. By performing maintenance on time, you have less chance of pieces, and you have constant pleasure.

Many years span experience

Our stringing specialist at KW FLEX has years of experience and spans more than 2000 badminton rackets. We use one of the most advanced stringing machines, specially and only suitable for badminton sports. Do you have special wishes in terms of number of kilos? No problem, our stringing specialist will take care of that!

KW FLEX stringing service

The KW FLEX stringing service is always there for you! You can drop off your racket in the store or in the racket drop box in front of the store. In principle, we have always restrung a badminton racket within 24 hours. Choose the correct string and the number of kg yourself, or let our specialist advise you.

You can use the racket dropbox outside opening hours. Drop your racket in the box, along with information about the desired string, number of kilos, telephone number and name. We will contact you when the racket is ready to be picked up.

Our team will help you

Do you want to know what the best choice is for your playing style and badminton racket? In order to provide you with the best possible service and to determine the right tension for you, we advise you to contact us via [email protected]Facebook, call/whatsapp+31-616501686 or visit our badminton shop in Rijen.