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Yonex badminton rackets

Yonex is perhaps the most famous badminton brand in the world! Of course, you can find an extensive range of Yonex products at KW FLEX Badminton specialist shop. You can contact us for badminton rackets, badminton shoes, sportswear, badminton bags, grips, feather shuttles, nylon shuttles and more. Due to the enormous amount of experience that Yonex has with badminton articles, only quality products are produced. Everything is extensively tested and developed with the absolute top badminton players, such as Kento Momota, Viktor Axelsen, Marcus Gideon, Lin Dan, and many more! You can now read all information about the Yonex rackets.

What makes the Yonex rackets so special?

Each Yonex badminton racket series has its specific properties. This means there is a suitable badminton racket for everyone. Are you an experienced badminton player or are you a starting badminton player? No problem, because our badminton specialist can always find the right match! We will work with you to see what suits you best. Fortunately, this is also possible from a wide range of Yonex rackets.

Only the best badminton rackets!

To make it as easy as possible for you badminton players, we have made an overview of all Yonex badminton racket series below. Of course, you can also select on flexibility, balance, price, weight and color. Are you unsure about which Yonex badminton racket is best to buy? Then we advise you to view the different series. Can't get it right? Then our badminton specialists will be happy to help you!

Yonex Astrox - Powerful, controlling and domination
Yonex Arcsaber - Accurate, controlling and great all round performance
Yonex Duora - Powerful forehands, fast backhands, controlling and explosive
Yonex Nanoflare - Extra stable, resilient and aerodynamic
Yonex Nanoray - Aerodynamic, maneuverable and resilient
Yonex Voltric - Powerful, fast handling and great all round performance

Yonex top seller badminton rackets

The latest model in the Arcsaber series is the absolute top seller, the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro! The new Arcsaber 11 Pro adopts the unique feel of impact and offers, improved playability with an emphasis on shuttle-pocketing for a controlled attack. Taking control of the court can take many forms, and for the Arcsaber, it comes from the extra milliseconds of shuttle contact time. This allows for assertive and super accurate shots.

The Yonex Astrox 99 Pro White Tiger is a head heavy power badminton racket. The Astrox 99 is known for extremely explosive strokes, allowing you to hit ultra fast smashes and clears. Because of the very stiff shaft, you maintain a lot of controlprecision, and you can transfer the power well to the racket.

Yonex badminton racket based on balans

Are you looking for a head light, even balanced or head heavy Yonex badminton racket? Make it easier for yourself and make a selection from the specifications. Choose your desired balance and reduce the number of options. The weight distribution is mainly determined by your playing style and is divided between head heavy, balanced and headlight (head heavy ○ ● ○○○ headlight).

Balance for different type of players

What balance do we recommend if you are a defensive badminton player? You will then play short game more often at the net and have to defend more smashes. For this, a grippy (head light) Yonex badminton racket is an ideal addition to your playing style.
Are you an attacking badminton player and do you prefer to constantly attack your opponent with hard smashes and clears? Then a top heavy / head heavy Yonex badminton racket is ideal to support and perfect your attack game. Of course, you can certainly choose the middle way and then a balanced / even balanced badminton racket from Yonex is the perfect choice.

Yonex badminton racket based on flexibility

In addition to the weight distribution, you can also choose different options in terms of flexibility. Think of the options flexible, medium flexible and stiff (Stiff ○○ ● ○○ Flexible). Do you have enough strength and technique, and do you want more control? Then it is best to choose a medium flexible or stiff Yonex badminton racket. The stiffer the racket, the faster it will punish mistakes. You do have to get more power from your technique and arm, but the advantage is more accuracy and control.

More focus on agility

If you do not have that much power, it is better to look at a more flexible badminton racket from Yonex. This will support you in developing speed in your strokes. This allows you to hit deeper into the backfield and dominate your opponent. In our range of Yonex badminton rackets, you will find different types of flexible rackets. Therefore, be sure to view the range and consider which one suits you best.

Price range

An important aspect is of course the price of the Yonex badminton racket. If you have a certain budget, you can easily indicate the price range in our filters. This gives you a nice overview of all Yonex badminton rackets that fall within your desired budget. So if you are looking for a cheap badminton racket or for a more expensive and better quality badminton racket, you can easily set the filter to your liking. You will find the rackets for camping, but also for serious competitions.

Desired weight for your Yonex badminton racket

The fourth option to order your ideal Yonex badminton racket is to select the desired weight class. Do you choose a U5 badminton racket (75-80 grams excluding strings) or a 3U badminton racket (85-90 grams excluding strings)? Depending on your playing style, you can make the right selection here.

Weight based on playing style

If you play a lot at the net, you double a lot, are you injured, or you just want to be very maneuverable, then a lighter badminton racket is recommended. Less weight means more maneuverability. If you are an attacking badminton player, you spend a lot of time in the backfield, and you are not prone to injury, it is better to pick a slightly heavier racket. More weight means more power. So determine well which playing style you mainly use and what you need help with during badminton matches. The racket is and remains an extension of you as a badminton player.

Which color Yonex badminton racket?

As a last choice, you can also select by color. This is not the most important thing about a racket, but of course the looks also want something, and you want to steal the show on the badminton court. Select your favorite color and buy your ideal Yonex badminton racket. You can choose from more than 10 different colors in our range.

We help you further!

Are you unable to figure it out yourself, do you have doubts, do you just want extra advice, or are you looking for a special badminton racket? Ask for it via: [email protected], Facebook and telephone / WhatsApp: + 31-616501686 or visit our badminton store in Rijen (region Breda, Tilburg, Den Bosch) and let our badminton specialists advise you.
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