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Buy medium flexible badminton rackets

A medium flexible badminton racquet is perfectly suitable for all-round players, who play both defensive and offensive. It offers the advantages of rigid rackets and flexible rackets, which is therefore also suitable for many badminton players.

Medium flexible badminton racket

The defensive benefits:
  • You can place the shuttle fairly precisely where you want it, compared to a more flexible badminton racket. Of course still applies, the stiffer the racket, the more accurate the precision!
  • It is possible to hit the shuttle back sharper with a smash defense, because it feels a bit stiffer than a flexible racket. With that you can surprise the opponent well.
The offensive benefits:
  • There is still more than enough power in your strokes from the backfield. You hit the clears, smashes and sharp drives wonderfully hard and fast.
  • More precision when hitting drops, smashes and clears. The shuttle has less deviation and will therefore be taken out less often.

It is important that you have a healthier arm, with which you can apply a lot of power when hitting the shuttle.

These medium flexible badminton rackets are suitable for youth players, beginners, recreational players and advanced badminton players. In short, this is a type of racket that comes in handy for many badminton players.

Badminton racquet advice

If you buy a medium flexible badminton racket online, make sure you read up properly and / or get enough advice when purchasing. Of course, this does not only apply to this type of rackets, but to all different types. Make sure you contact our KW FLEX badminton expert if you have any doubts when ordering.

Would you like extra information from our badminton expert? No problem! Our badminton specialist is always available online, by phone/WhatsApp +31-616 501 686 or in our badminton shop in Rijen to ask for advice! He will help you buy the right badminton rackets.

personal badminton racket advice