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Order here your new badminton t-shirt or polo in different colors, sizes and models. Steel the show on the court with the latest ladies badminton clothing from Victor, Yonex or FZ Forza.

High quality ladies badminton sportswear

All clothing brands in our range offer high-quality sportswear for women. Almost all badminton shirts are made of 100% polyester, which makes the clothes dry quickly. In addition, you can wash your clothes without them shrinking. Badminton shirts for women with good breathability are the best choice for athletes who like to wear comfortable shirts without sweating too much. And otherwise, the shirt absorbs a lot of moisture, so it won't bother you during practice or matches. Some shirts are made of polyester and stretch fabrics, making them more comfortable. Many badminton jerseys are also available in men's or children's sizes.

Badminton sweaters for women

Whether you play badminton a lot or not, sweaters are a real asset! Sports sweaters for women are also great for casual wear. Badminton sweaters retain warmth, but at the same time allow for sufficient air circulation thanks to the right combination of polyester-cotton materials. Put them on during your warm-up to let the heat go directly to your muscles, and put them on right after a match or training session to prevent your muscles from cooling down too quickly. Most injuries are caused by direct overload of cooled muscles.

In addition to sweatshirts for women, you can also find sweatshirts for men in our store. You can walk into the badminton gym matching!

Women's badminton shorts or skirts

If you have chosen a great shirt or polo, then of course you want to wear it as part of a complete clothing set. Therefore, also order your shorts or skirts which are specially designed for women. The shorts and skirts are made of light material and have a wonderfully comfortable fit. At KW FLEX, you can order various models and colors of badminton skirts from the brands Yonex, Victor, Erima, and Jako. Almost all skirts and shorts are equipped with Dry-Fit technology, which ensures that sweat is properly removed during training and competition. During intensive badminton training, the clothing will easily absorb the sweat.

Besides skirts and shorts for women, there are also sports shorts for men and children.

Printing sportswear

Would you like to have your name, club name and/or country printed on your clothing? No problem at all! KW FLEX can arrange it all for you with our professional in-house printing service. It is possible to print your name large on the back and/or smaller on the chest. Moreover, you can also have the Dutch, German or Belgian flag printed on your chest in miniature.

Many badminton teams or clubs are sponsored by different companies. To give these sponsors extra exposure, it is possible to get their logo or name printed on the t-shirts, polo's or sweaters. Besides the fact that this is advantageous for your sponsor, it also looks professional. Ask our expert about the possibilities to have the printing done perfectly.

There are a number of standard options included in the checkout process, for other options please contact us via email, phone/WhatsApp (+31-616501686), contact form, Facebook or visit our badminton store in Rijen!

Badminton teamwear

Of course, we also supply badminton teamwear that is available for several years, so you do not have to change to another model. Both JAKO and ERIMA have clothing lines that are available for up to 4 years. Victor has a clothing line that changes every 2 years. Curious about the possibilities?

Complete your badminton outfit

In addition to Women's shirts and polo shirts, KW FLEX online badminton store also offers training suits, badminton shoes and socks. Put together a complete sports outfit and wear comfortable sports clothing of high quality. After all, you have to treat yourself well.