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AC-018 Grip powder
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AC470EX Grip powder
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Why using a towel grip?

You've probably seen other players play with it or a professional on TV, but why would you start using a terry cloth grip? Many badminton stars such as Viktor Axelsen and Kento Momota use the terry cloth grips. This 'towel grip' is ideal for players who have sweaty hands quickly and where a basic or overgrip is no longer adequate. Do you feel that you are losing grip on your racket? Test a terry cloth grip!

Why use grip powder?

Did you know that the chemical name of grip powder is Magnesium Carbonate Hemihydrate? As the name suggests, racquet grip powder helps you to hold your racquet firmly while playing your matches and during intensive training sessions. This is the main reason why players use the powder.

Many top players use towel grips because they love the loose, relaxed feel of a towel grip while playing. When the terry cloth gets wet, it becomes a little slippery and that's when grip powder helps to hold your racquet better. 

How do you use grip powder?

If you find that your terry cloth grip is getting too wet and reducing grip, sprinkle some badminton grip powder on the handle or sprinkle it over your hand. You will have to figure out for yourself how much grip powder is needed to get the right amount of grip. Used too much powder? Just wipe your handle over your sweaty arm or leg, which will make the handle a little moister again and restore the balance. Grip powder works best when there is a little sweat/moisture in your hand. The combination of the grip powder and moisture/sweat gives you a loose but sticky and good grip on your racquet.

Can you use the grip powder on a synthetic/rubber grip?

Badminton grip powder is really best suited for grips with a terry cloth grip. By using the grip powder on a rubber grip, the chance that you will have less grip, is bigger. These two materials have no positive effect on each other. So don't use powder on your basic grip or overgrip.