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Order your new sports insoles here to give your feet extra support. Give your badminton shoes a longer life or an upgrade!

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AC 195 Power Cushion+ Insole
€17,95 RRP €16,95 *
VT-XD 10 insoles
€13,95 RRP €12,95 *
FZ Forza
Insole - Arch Support
€24,95 RRP €18,95 *
VT-XD 8 insoles
€9,95 *
Bama Running insoles
€19,95 *
VT XD-3 insoles
€8,90 *

Why buy sports insoles?

To give your feet extra support, you can buy different sports insoles. This can be especially useful with shoes from the cheaper segment. This way, you can easily upgrade your badminton shoe. You can read about the advantages of different insoles here. We have insoles from Bama, but also from FZ Forza and Victor. Read on and invest in the right sports insoles.

Enjoy your shoes for longer with sports insoles

More expensive models of badminton shoes almost always come with high-quality insoles. In that case, you can simply replace these badminton insoles and enjoy your sports shoe even longer! This is definitely a good investment if you have gotten used to your badminton shoes and don't want to replace them yet. So always check beforehand if your badminton shoes already have these sport insoles. Not sure? Then you can always contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Order FZ Forza badminton insoles

FZ Forza is a well-known Danish brand that is very well known in the badminton world. The biggest badminton players use the brand for both badminton shoes, but also for other badminton accessories. They have also found that some players perform better using new badminton insoles. Therefore, they have released their own line of FZ Forza sport insoles. Definitely worth checking out if you already have FZ Forza badminton shoes.

Which Victor badminton insoles are suitable?

Victor is also a big name in the badminton world. So, of course, they also designed badminton insoles of their own. In addition to the many men's badminton shoes, women's badminton shoes and children's badminton shoes, there are also various insoles for sports shoes. So you have the following options when it comes to your own Victor insoles:

Bama insoles

KW FLEX Badminton Shop also has Bama insoles in its range. These Bama insoles are known all over the world and also in the badminton world. Although they are intended for runners, they are often used in badminton. This is partly due to the many explosive movements and light-footedness required. Get the extra support you need for sports with Bama insoles.

Try out the sports insoles

It is sometimes difficult to decide which type of badminton insoles you need and which ones you like. That's why we advise you to visit our shop so that our staff can help you with your search. If in doubt, give us a call / send a Whatsapp message to: +31 616501686, email your questions to [email protected], send a message via Facebook or drop by our badminton shop in Rijen. See you soon in our shop.