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Online sports store for squash bags - Find your new squash bag easily and quickly in the online squash webshop of KW FLEX. Racket bags are very practical for every squash player, whether you are a beginner or professional. Who wouldn't want a sports bag in which you can easily store your squash gear? Fortunately, KW FLEX has an extensive range of squash racket bags for you that always meets your needs. We sell racket bags from the brands: VICTOR, Yonex, Carlton, Dunlop and FZ Forza.

Types of squash bags

There are different types of squash bags available, all of which are suitable for different types of players, levels and purposes. The difference in these racket bags is in the number of compartments in which you can store squash rackets, clothing, shoes and accessories. KW FLEX Squash specialist store offers the following variants: 1 compartment squash bag (single thermobag), 2 compartment squash bag (double thermobag), 3 compartment squash bag (multithermobag), backpacks, travel bag or trolley.

1 compartment squash bag

Are you a novice squash player and do you want to bring your squash racket in a safe and practical way? Think of the one compartment squash bag. As a beginner squash player, you usually only have one squash racket, and you want to transport it without too much chance of damage.
In this racket cover you can put a maximum of 3 squash rackets and possibly a small towel. There are always handles on this type of racket bag, and on some variants there is also a carrying strap attached.
The 1 compartment squash bag is available in brands VICTOR and Yonex.

2 compartment squash bag

The two compartment squash bag is a perfect racket bag for many squash players. In principle, you can store approx. 6 squash rackets in this type of bag. But do you have a spare squash racket, and would you like to be able to bring your water bottle, towel, squash shoes and clothes with you in a practical way? Then, the doublethermobag is a great bag for all your squash gear. In most cases, both carrying straps and handles are made on the bag, so you can take the bag with you comfortably.

Of course, the 2 compartment squash bags are available from various brands such as, VICTOR, Yonex, Carlton and Dunlop.

3 compartment squash bag

If you are a fan of squash and have a lot of squash rackets and other things to take with you, then the 3 compartment racket bag is ideal. Ideal for tournaments!

In this squash bag, you have 3 compartments to neatly store all your belongings. Approx. 9 squash rackets can be placed in the 3 compartment squash bag. Of course, you can also use a box for clothes or shower stuff. Often there is also a separate shoe compartment, in which your squash shoes can be stored. The very largest models, often called travel bags, can store about 12 squash rackets.

In most variants, both straps and handles are attached to the bag, so that the bag can be carried comfortably in the hand or on the shoulders.

Squash backpack

Do you find a larger racket bag not very handy, or are you more of a fan of a squash backpack? Then KW FLEX is the right place for an extensive range.

The Squash backpack is of course very practical to carry on your back, and you can also use the backpack for other purposes. The special thing about these squash backpacks is the separate squash rackets compartment, through which the handle protrudes at the top of the backpack. Of course there are also separate compartments in and on the bags where you can store sports clothing, water bottles, accessories and keys.

Squash travel bag

Are you a squash player who plays many tournaments and therefore also need a handy large bag? Then the Squash travel bag is the most suitable squash bag. In these bags you can easily take a lot of squash rackets, sportswear, casual clothes, shower gear accessories, squash shoes, etc. You can often carry up to 9-15 squash rackets in these bags.

These squash travel bags are always equipped with handles and sometimes also carrying straps, so that the bag can be comfortably carried in the hand or on the shoulders. There are also various models that have wheels, or the squash trolley.

The squash travel bags are available in the brands VICTOR and Yonex.