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Aerogear grip Pro 24 pack
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Do you want to replace a badminton grip? At KW FLEX Badminton specialist shop, we can certainly help you. If your racket grip is worn, dirty, or if you can't hold the handle well, it is recommended to replace it. There are a number of options in terms of Carlton badminton grips.

Which badminton grip?

Various racket grips are available that can be placed directly on the handle or over your current grip. The result of an overgrip is that the handle becomes extra thick, this is not the case with a normal basic grip.
Are you looking for the right badminton grip? At KW FLEX, you can choose from a wide choice of grips.

Carlton Basic badminton grip

The standard badminton grip is the most commonly used and serves to improve the grip between the fingers and the handle. Of course, these variants absorb a little bit of moisture, but the main task of this type of badminton grip is to absorb the vibrations. The most important properties are the self-adhesive tape on the back of the grip and the thickness.

The Carlton basic badminton grip is a lot thicker than an overgrip and is always applied directly to a bare handle. This can be varied by rolling the grip closer or further apart, making the gripper thicker or thinner.

Carlton Overgrips

Is your current grip handle not thick enough? Then you can easily adjust the thickness of the handle with an overgrip, so that your badminton racket will play better. An overgrip also serves to provide maximum grip.

The quality of an overgrip is the same as that of a standard grip, but it is thinner and therefore will wear out faster. On the other hand, an overgrip is less expensive.

All the above grips are suitable for badminton rackets, squash rackets and tennis rackets.

Match the grip color with your badminton racket!

Carlton's badminton grips are available in many different colors. So if you want a nice combination, choose a color for your handle that fits the racket perfectly. Of course, you can opt for the traditional black color, which is boring for some badminton players. The big advantage of this color is that you don't see dirt so quickly.

You will have to replace a white grip much faster for the eye, because the dirt is quickly visible. Replacing a badminton grip generally happens too late, so that you no longer experience the optimal benefits. If you see that your grip is getting dirty, take a look at replacing the grip or have it replaced by our badminton experts.

Discount sets badminton grips

Are you a large consumer of grips and do you regularly replace them yourself? Then view the discount packs of grips from Victor, Yonex or Carlton. By buying a larger quantity in 1x, you get a discount, and it is therefore cheaper. Order your discount box now in our online badminton shop or visit our store!

Badminton grip advice

Not sure which badminton grip is most suitable for your playing style? If in doubt, call our badminton expert or send a WhatsApp message to: +31-616501686, email your questions to [email protected], send a message via Facebook or visit our badminton shop in Rijen.