Looking for badminton shuttlecocks? Then you have come to the right place at badminton specialist store KW Flex. Badminton shuttlecocks from the best badminton brands can be found with us!

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Mavis 200 Yellow Medium - Outdoor
€5,95 RRP €5,25 *
Mavis 350 White Medium
€14,95 RRP €10,00 *
FZ Forza
VIP Speed 78
€27,90 RRP €27,05 *
FZ Forza
VIP Speed 77
€29,95 RRP €27,05 *
Aeroflite No 1
€27,25 *
Nylon Shuttle 1000 Yellow
€6,50 *
Nylon Shuttle 1000 White
€6,50 *
Mavis Field II
€9,95 RRP €9,50 *
Champion No.1 Speed 78
€24,95 *
Mavis 350 Yellow Medium
€13,95 RRP €10,00 *
Nylon Shuttle 3000 Platin - White
€9,75 *
Nylon Shuttle 2000 Gold White
€8,95 RRP €8,95 *
Mavis 300 White Slow
€11,95 RRP €10,00 *
Mavis 300 White Medium
€11,95 RRP €10,00 *
AS Airshuttle 2.0
€9,90 *
FZ Forza
Hybrid 5000 3 in 1
€17,95 RRP €15,50 *
Aeroflite No 5
€17,55 *
Aeroflite No 3
€20,20 *
Aeroflite No 2
€23,85 *
Aerosensa AS 20, speed 3
€28,50 *
Aerosensa 10, speed 3
€22,50 *
Aerosensa 30, speed 3
€31,95 *
Mavis 600 White Medium
€16,99 RRP €11,95 *
Carbonsonic CS No.2
€17,95 *

badminton shuttles

Are you looking for shuttles to play badminton? At KW FLEX badminton specialist, you can choose from feather shuttlecocks, nylon shuttlecocks and air shuttles.

Wide range of feather shuttlecocks

A feather shuttlecock can be made of goose feathers and duck feathers and offers much more control and feel in your strokes compared to a nylon badminton shuttle. The disadvantage is that feathers on a shuttlecock lasts many times less than a nylon shuttle and is also slightly more expensive. But if you go for quality and fun, it is better to opt for a feather shuttle!

Do you want a feather shuttlecock of the highest quality? Check out the Victor Master Ace, Victor Gold Champion or Yonex Aerosensa 30. These Badminton shuttles are made of the very best feathers on a shuttlecock and therefore have the most stable flight and are the most durable in this category.

Of course, there are also cheaper alternatives, which are especially suitable for training. In that case, check out the Dunlop Aeroflite no5, Victor Queen, Yonex Aerosensa 10 or FZ Forza Hybrid 5000 3 in 1. These shuttles can also be used for competition, since not everyone's budget is infinite.

Do you want to know exactly which shuttlecock is allowed for competitions? Lists are available in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world stating which shuttle may be used at which level.

Big choice of nylon shuttles

The nylon badminton shuttles are very durable and therefore last much longer compared to a feather shuttle. This shuttle is generally more suitable for recreational or competition players at a not too high level. What types of nylon shuttles are there?

  • Neon yellow shuttles = stands out in the air (eg at sports halls that are too bright)
  • White shuttles = standard choice
  • Shuttle with blue stripe = normal speed
  • Shuttle with green stripe = slow speed

The most commonly used nylon shuttle is the Yonex Mavis 300. It is available in both white and yellow. The yellow variant is more visible in very bright sports halls, so you can better follow the shuttle in the air. The Yonex Mavis 600 is the nylon shuttle that most closely resembles a feather shuttle in flight and accuracy.

Air badminton shuttles

The latest variant in badminton is Airbadminton. You can play this outdoors, even if there is a little wind. The air shuttles are heavier than a regular nylon shuttle, which means that the wind has less control over the shuttle's flight. At KW FLEX, you can order the Victor Airshuttles and Yonex Mavis Field 2.

Extensive choice of brands

For all shuttles, we have a wide choice for every price range. We can supply all shuttles of the brands:

Victor shuttlecocks
Yonex shuttlecocks
Dunlop shuttlecocks
FZ Forza shuttlecocks

If you miss your favorite shuttle from these brands, send us a message, and we will make sure that it is available at short notice.

Volume discount

Do you buy the shuttlecocks for your badminton club, or are you a major consumer? We can always offer you a volume discount for larger numbers. You can find the first graduated prices on the product pages. If you want to purchase even larger numbers of shuttles, please contact [email protected] or call / WhatsApp +316-16501686.