Badminton shuttles

badminton shuttles

If you are looking for shuttles to play badminton, you can choose from springs and nylon shuttles.

Feather shuttles

A feather shuttle can be made of goose feathers and duck feathers and offers much more control and feeling in your strokes compared to a nylon shuttle. The disadvantage is that a spring shuttle goes much less long than a nylon shuttle and is also slightly more expensive. But anyone who goes for quality and fun, buys a feather shuttle!

In our badminton shop you can buy feather badminton shuttlecocks from the brands: Yonex, Victor, FZ Forza and Dunlop.

Nylon shuttles

The nylon shuttles are very durable and therefore last much longer with respect to a feather shuttle. This shuttle is generally more suitable for recreational or competition players on a not too high level. We sell different variants of Victor and Yonex.

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