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Squash is not possible without a good squash ball. It is important that you use a good squash ball when you play the game. It is important that you look carefully at which type of squash ball you are going to use, because there is a big difference in squash balls. The squash ball must fit well with the level that you play as a user. We will come back to this later. In addition to the type of squash ball, it is also important that you check the condition of the ball. If the squash ball is very worn, you will notice that while playing. While using a squash ball, it is important that you first warm it up properly. When a squash ball is in motion, it gets warm. This increases the pressure of the ball, and the ball bounces a lot better.

Different types of squash balls

In general, there is little difference in the color of a squash ball. What you as a user should pay attention to are the dots that you can find on the ball. These dots indicate the dimensions and bounce of the squash ball. A black ball with a blue dot is a squash ball intended for beginners. This ball is a little bit bigger and bounces a lot easier. This makes it easier to use. The black ball with a red dot or without a dot is 6% larger than a match ball. This ball is mainly used by intermediate players and beginners. A black ball with one or two yellow dots are official match balls used by the squash associations. It is wise to pay close attention to which type of squash ball you are going to play with. If you are just starting to play, it is of course very tempting to get started right away with an official match ball. Because it is quite difficult to use this ball, it is wise to start with a ball for beginners. This allows you to play longer rallies, so you learn the game a lot faster and it also remains a lot more fun.

Replace squash balls

It is wise to take a good look at the status of your own squash ball. A squash ball has to endure a lot from a squash racket. Over time, this ball will also wear out. This ensures that the ball reacts a lot less well and plays less well. If you often and intensively play with the ball, it is wise to replace it regularly. In addition, there is also a high chance that a ball will leak and bounce a lot less well. So always take a few extra squash balls with you in your bag, so that you don't have to stop playing unexpectedly in between.

For all your squash needs

In addition to the best squash balls, KW Flex has a wide range for all your squash needs. This way you can easily find everything to play a nice game of squash against friends or at a high level. KW FLEX also sells various squash bags for your squash racket. This way you immediately have a place to store your squash racket and a place for all your squash products.