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Squash racket

Do you play squash or are you planning to play squash? A good squash racket is very useful for this. A good racket offers you the necessary tool to hit the ball and to execute your technique optimally. KW flex offers different kinds of squash rackets for hitting the ball well. Check out our range of squash rackets and find the perfect squash racket for you!

Kinds of squash rackets

Do you have problems choosing the right squash racket? Then we would like to help you by telling you some more about the different squash rackets and their advantages and disadvantages. This way, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier. The squash rackets we have in stock are:

  • Teardrop squash racket: A squash racket with a Teardrop shape makes it easier to hit with a lot of force. This is because there is more space for the stringing. In other words: it is possible to string longer strings. This increases the resilience of the racquet considerably.
  • Heart squash racket: The counterpart of the Teardrop racket is the Heart racket. These rackets have a bridge at the bottom of the blade. As a result, the maximum length of the strings is shorter. The big advantage is that players benefit from more control over the ball. Technical and all-round players should choose a squash racket with a Heart shape.

Squash racket brands

At KW flex, we sell different brands and models of squash rackets. We have several Dunlop squash rackets, such as the Dunlop blackstorm and the Dunlop hyper ti. We also sell squash rackets of the Victor brand, such as the Victor Squash Quaver 1 & 2 and the Victor IP8 & IP 9 RK. Moreover, we also have our own range of squash rackets at KW Flex. In any case, there is enough choice for you to be able to find a suitable model.

Order squash bags

Of course, you also want to be able to store your beautiful squash racket neatly and carry other items practically. With us, you can order squash bags with one compartment, two compartments, three compartments or a tournament bag. Depending on the size, these bags can hold several rackets as well as your squash shoes, squash balls, sportswear, drinks, etc. Choose the bag that suits your needs and take all your sports stuff with you easily.

The best squash shoes

Besides a racket that suits your level of play, it is also wise to buy good squash shoes. It is of course very important to be agile, have enough grip and minimize the risk of injuries. Want more information about which shoes are right for you? Read the additional information at the bottom of the squash shoes page, and of course you can also ask our specialist. We think it is extremely important that players wear the right shoes, because this has a huge impact on injury prevention and mobility on the court.

Buy your squash balls here

You can't play squash without squash balls, so of course you can buy them in our squash store. Pay attention to the type of squash ball you order, because it has to fit your level. A black ball with a blue dot is a squash ball meant for beginners. This ball is a little bit bigger and bounces a lot easier. This makes it easier to use. The black ball with a red dot or without a dot is 6% larger than a match ball. This ball is mainly used by average players and beginners. A black ball with one or two yellow dots are official match balls used by squash associations

Buy a squash racket

Buying a squash racket like a Victor, Dunlop or KW flex racket? KWflex always offers great prices and sales, like the Squash Racket Sale. Furthermore, we have a Squash Mizzing Service, so your squash racket can perform optimally. Do you still have doubts, questions and/or remarks? Please contact us by calling +31-616501686 or emailing us at [email protected] It's also possible to visit our store in Rijen where we will provide you with personal advice. This way, we hope to offer you an optimal squash experience!