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€19,95 RRP €15,95 *
AL-2200 Kiddy
€14,95 *
Ultramate 6
€44,90 RRP €29,95 *
€69,00 RRP €44,95 *
Brave Sword 1500 D - Frame
€129,95 RRP €109,95 *
Meteor X 90 - Frame
€209,00 RRP €139,00 *
Performer ATT 500 Strung
€79,00 RRP €59,95 *
Thruster K 600 - Frame
€139,00 RRP €104,95 *
Solid Tech 1000 - Strung
€109,00 RRP €79,00 *
Pronano 6 - Strung
€129,00 RRP €89,00 *
Jetspeed S 09 LJ - Frame
€149,00 RRP €114,95 *
Jetspeed S 7 - Frame
€199,00 RRP €139,95 *
Thruster K 30 Frame
€179,00 RRP €117,95 *
Ultramate 8 pink
€79,95 RRP €49,95 *
Jetspeed S 01 - Strung
€99,95 *
Hypernano x 100 - Frame
€199,00 RRP €99,95 *
Columbia III - Frame
€179,00 RRP €114,95 *
Wave Power 6500 Stringed
€129,00 RRP €99,95 *
Wave Power 6800 - Strung
€149,00 RRP €99,95 *
Thruster F C - Frame
€219,00 RRP €164,95 *
Thruster 1H H - Strung
€69,95 RRP €54,95 *
Victec Ripple blue II - Stringed
€79,95 RRP €65,00 *
DriveX Nano 7 V - Frame
€159,00 RRP €118,95 *
Auraspeed HS B 3UG5 - Frame
€179,00 RRP €144,95 *

Victor badminton rackets

VICTOR badminton rackets online badminton sports shop - KW FLEX is the No. 1 VICTOR badminton specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium. A very extensive range of badminton rackets, in combination with years of experience with all products, makes it easy for our employees to recommend the right racket to you.

Why choose a Victor badminton racket?

The VICTOR badminton rackets convince us and every badminton player who comes into contact with these rackets through their innovative and special technologies. There is a suitable combination for every type of player and for every game level, so you can always rely on your VICTOR badminton racket!

In addition to VICTOR badminton rackets, you can also choose from an extensive VICTOR range of badminton shoes, sportswear, badminton bags, grips, feather shuttles, nylon shuttles, etc. All products are extensively tested and developed with absolute top badminton players such as, Tai Tzu Ying, Lee Yang, Wang Tzu Wei, Anders Antonson, Thuc Phuong Nguyen, Robin Tabeling, Line Kjersfeldt etc.

The very best Victor badminton rackets!

To make it as easy as possible for your badminton players, we have made an overview of all VICTOR badminton racket series below. Of course, you can also select on flexibility, balance, price, weight and color. That way, you make the choices more limited in our extensive range.

Victor badminton racket choice based on balance

So if you are looking for a headlight, even balanced or head heavy VICTOR badminton racket, pick your desired specification and reduce the number of options.
The balance is mainly determined by your playing style and is divided between head heavy, balanced and grip heavy (head heavy ○ ● ○○○ headlight). If you are a defensive badminton player, you will have to defend smashes more often and play short games on the net. A headlight badminton racket is an ideal addition to your playing style.
Are you an attacking player and do you prefer to constantly attack your opponent, and can they only defend? Then a head heavy badminton racket is ideal to support your attack game even more. Of course, you can also choose the middle ground and then a balanced badminton racket is the perfect choice.

Choosing Victor badminton racket based on flexibility

Then you can also select the desired option in terms of flexibility, namely flexible, medium flexible and Stiff (Stiff ○○ ● ○○ Flexible).
Do you have enough strength and technique, and do you want more control? Then it is best to choose a medium flex / stiff badminton racket. (The stiffer the racket, the faster the mistakes will punish and the more power you have to get from your technique and arm, but the advantage is more accuracy and control). 
If you do not have that much power, it is better to look at a more flexible badminton racket. This will support you in developing speed in your strokes.

Select your Victor racket based on the price range

As a third option, you can indicate the price range, so that you will only see badminton rackets within that price range. This way, you get a nice overview of all VICTOR badminton rackets that fall within your desired budget.
So if you are looking for a cheap badminton racket or a more expensive and better quality badminton racket, you can easily adjust the filter to your liking. Do you want to buy a racket for camping or do you want to improve/innovate your competition game, our badminton advisors can always help you!

Desired weight for your Victor badminton racket

The fourth option to choose your ideal badminton racket is to select the desired weight class. Do you select a U5 badminton racket (75-80 grams excluding strings) or a 3U badminton racket (85-90 grams excluding strings). Depending on your playing style, you can make the right selection here.
If you play a lot on the net, you play a lot, you are sensitive to injury, or you just want to be very agile, then a lighter badminton racket is recommended. Less weight = more maneuverability.
If you are an attacking player, you are in the back field a lot, and you are not susceptible to injury, it is better to pick a slightly heavier racket. More weight = more power. Determined well which playing style you mainly use and what you need help with during the game. The racket is and remains an extension of you as a badminton player.

What color do you choose?

As a last choice, you can also select by color. This is not the most important thing about a racket, but of course the looks also want something, and you want to steal your show on the badminton court. Choose your favorite color and the ideal VICTOR badminton racket will hopefully appear.

We help you further!

Are you having trouble figuring it out, are you in doubt, do you just want extra advice, or are you looking for a special VICTOR badminton racket? Ask for it at: [email protected]Facebook and phone/WhatsApp: +31-616501686, or visit our badminton shop in Rijen (Breda, Tilburg, Den Bosch region).

Order your Victor badminton rackets now from KW FLEX online web shop or visit our badminton store in Rijen! Ordered today before noon, will be shipped today.

Personal badminton racket advice