Tai tzu ying

Tai Tzu Ying was born on June 20, 1996 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In the 6th grade she played a real tournament for the first time and that was the national ranking tournament.

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Who is Tai Tzu Ying?

Tai Tzu Ying was born on June 20, 1996 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. When Tai was in primary school she started playing badminton through her father. He was a firefighter and director of the badminton committee. In the 6th grade she played a real tournament for the first time and that was the national ranking tournament. Here she immediately won the title in the second division, which also earned her the right to participate in the 1st division. At the time, she was the youngest player ever to compete in the first division!

Tai Tzu Ying was 11 years old in 2007 when she made her at the Vietnam International badminton tournament. Two years later she won the silver medal in the Asian Junior Championship. At the age of 15, Tai showed her real potential by securing second place at senior level at the Vietnam Open Grand Prix tournament.
That same year, she also took part in the East Asian Games took Chinese Taipei. She herself won a bronze medal in the women's singles and the whole team the final, to win the silver there.

In 2010 she played the Superseries event at the Korea Open for the first time. And in the years that followed, she established her name more and more by beating the then badminton stars more and more. In 2012 she reached the semi-finals of the All England Open for the first time.

In the summer of 2012, Tai was the second woman ever to play for Taiwan at the Summer Olympics in London. Only 18 years old and seeded 13th, she managed to reach the last 16 players of the tournament when she was beaten by the later winner Li Xuerui.

No. 1 in the world

in 2016, Tai achieved its highest ranking in the world by winning the Indonesia Open and Hong Kong Open. She was the number 1 in the world. She finished the World ranking as No. 1 for a total of 3 years (2016,2017,2018).

In addition, she also won the Superseries in Dubai for the second time that year, equaling the then record.

Other achievements

Tai Tzu Ying's prize list is super long and there are few prizes she hasn't won.

Some of the highlights are:

2018, 2019 Win at the Denmark Open

2018,2019, 2020 Final All England Open (wins in 2018 and 2020)

2020: Thailand Open Super 1000 2x second place against Carolina Marin

2020: Final BWF Tour wins against Carolina Marin 14–21, 21–8, 21–19

2022: Thailand open Super 500, Indonesia Open Super 1000, Taipei Open Super 300

2022: BWF Tour Finals 2de



Badminton materials Tai Tzu Ying

Badminton racket

Especially for and together with Tai Tzu Ying her sponsor Victor has developed the Victor Thruster F Claw. It is a badminton racket for the attacking player who likes to combine control and power. The special thing about this racket is the narrower racket head, making it an even more aerodynamic and faster racket.


At KW FLEX badminton shop you can choose your Victor Thruster F C strung with your favorite string. Tai himself plays with the Victor Vbs-66 string, which provides extra bounce and control.

Badminton shoes

Tai has been playing on the Victor P9200 shoes for a while, but since last year she has her own Crown collection and therefore her own badminton shoes. You can still buy the Victor P 9200 II C in a few sizes from us, but gone = gone.

The shoe is equipped with LSS technology for extra stability during explosive rallies and the Neo Duplex, Energymax 3.0 and Light Resilient EVA layer create the right cushioning and dynamics in the shoe.

Badminton bag

There are several Victor badminton bags that Tai uses, but in most cases it is the Victor BR 9308 Black / Gold or Victor BR 9308 Blue / Orange. Both are large 3-compartment badminton bags, in which all her belongings can be stored.