FZ Forza

FZ Forza

The badminton brand FZ Forza has been around since 1990 and has its origins in Denmark. This beautiful badminton brand was founded because they wanted to develop a Danish quality product at a fair price at the time as an alternative to the Asian brands. After 3 years, FZ Forza was already Denmark's 2nd brand in 1993.

All FZ Forza badminton rackets, badminton shoes, badminton bags, sports clothing, and shuttles are developed with the help of top badminton players with the aim of delivering top quality at a fair price. That is why FZ Forza is always stylish, challenging, and competitive!

In November 2019, VICTOR and FZ Forza entered into a cooperation agreement. For the time being, this only concerns distribution. By having everything sent from one point, it can be more efficient to send parcels.

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